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IT Reports

The Role of 'Green' in the Data Center in Asia/Pacific : CIO Perspectives

Sep. 2011

The Role of 'Green' in the Data Center in Asia/Pacific :CIO Perspectives DOWNLOAD E s s e n t i a l   G u i d a n c e

Below is a summary of the areas that IDC believes CIOs in local, regional and global organizations should focus on as key takeaways from the discussions :

Incorporate green into the current strategy : There are case studies on how being green can actually have a positive impact on the bottom line in terms of reducing the electricity bill, improving asset utilization, and streamlining operations. Therefore, this is an area where CIOs can squeeze out additional cost savings, while at the same time drive energy efficiency benefits within the data center.

Sort out the "core" : There is significant opportunity to optimizing existing infrastructure and information strategies by looking at ways to leverage new technology at the component level. Large global datacenter operators, such as Microsoft, are leading in this component right-sizing approach and have claimed 23% datacenter power savings simply by using the latest green memory component solutions as an example. While this is not going to be a "rip and replace" type of strategy, it will need to be incorporated into future procurement policies.

Governance versus enablement : IT is always looking to consolidate, standardize and streamline. Some would say this would be trying to control too much, but the fact is that it normally contradicts business requirements for flexibility. This is where the reference architecture that IT has in place will ensure that standards are consistent across the various business departments. Further work needs to be done in certain areas (particularly in terms of taking some of attributes of the public cloud and internalizing them into more of a private cloud environment). But fundamentally, this platform should provide the necessary management and control that IT requires, while at the same time ensuring that the necessary flexibility is in place for what the business is trying to achieve.

Risk management & IT governance : As highlighted earlier, the common denominator across the emerging cloud architectures and delivery models is the shift towards an approach where ICT resources are being delivered more broadly as a service with specific functionality and performance criteria, rather than the "take it or leave it" approach that is common with existing IT "services." As IT departments look to utilize the various delivery models – and the CIO becomes more of a "broker of services," the need to have a clear risk management and IT governance framework will become a necessity. It will also become clear that an IT service management agenda is critical to any cloud strategy to ensure the seamless delivery of services across the various delivery models.

Get the team right : The importance of having the right skills in Asia has never been higher on the radar in the IT world. Identify specific job competencies that need to be recruited and further developed to meet the needs of the business. IDC believes that this sort of approach to retaining key IT staff will ensure the right levels of continuity within the IT department, while at the same time reducing attrition.