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IT Reports

EPA Report on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency

Aug. 2007

Data center industry are in the midst of a major growth period, fueled by increasing demand for data processing and storage capacity. This demand is driven by several factors, including:

  • increased use of electronic transactions in financial services, such as on-line banking and electronic trading.
  • growing use of internet for social networking and entertainment.
  • a shift to electronic medical records.
  • a steady rise in global commerce and international services.
  • adoption of satellite navigation and electronic shipment tracking in transportation.
  • other important trends such as added data center growth in the education and government sectors.

Increasing demand for computer resources has led to significant rise in the number of data center servers, along with an estimated doubling in the energy used by these servers and the infrastructure for power and cooling that supports them. This increase in energy use has several important implications, including:

  • increased energy costs for business and government.
  • increased emissions, including greenhouse gases, from electricity generation.
  • increased strain on the existing power grid to meet the added electricity demands.
  • increased capital costs for expanding of data center capacity and constructing new data center facilities.

EPA Report to Congress on Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency_Executive Summary August 2, 2007 >>