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Drive your PC at the speed of light

Opt for an SSD: The smart choice for your PC

Why choose a solid state drive (SSD) over the good old hard disk drive (HDD) you’ve been using for so long? The answer is simple: an SSD is a better choice than HDD in many aspects. Unlike HDDs which are comprised of a disk and physically moving parts, being a storage device that uses semiconductor memory such as NAND flash, SSDs offer faster read and write speeds and lower power consumption with virtually no noise. An SSD is the smart choice for users who want to power up their PCs with greater performance and higher reliability. So, it’s time you said goodbye to your old HDD and welcome your PC’s brand new enhancement.

Choose a superior SSD; choose Samsung

After making the smart choice of choosing an SSD over an HDD for a multitude of benefits, the next question is deciding which SSD is right for you. As a world leader in technology, Samsung offers SSDs that boast superior performance. Combining the finest hardware components and easy-to-use solutions, a Samsung SSD gives you the all-in-one solution and top-notch performance you want. With a Samsung SSD, your PC carries out commands so quickly that you will have more time for work or play, or to enjoy with your family.

The Samsung SSD 840 Series is the single Best Upgrade for your PC

The easiest and most economical way to breathe new life into an existing system is to upgrade to an SSD. When boot-up speeds and application loads are slow, people become frustrated with their PCs` performance. Today, most PC performance woes are the result of slow read and write speeds on behalf of the main storage device rather than a lack of CPU performance. Thus, upgrading to a Samsung SSD 840 Series can breathe new life into your system by enhancing boot-up speed, application loading, and multi-tasking performance.

  • SSD 840 EVO

    It's time for your PC to evolve

    The evolution of SSD has arrived with the Samsung SSD 840 EVO. Combining the best SSD technologies from Samsung, 840 EVO delivers superior performance for your everyday PC usage. Experience the next level in SSD evolution with Samsung’s new 3-bit MLC technology, which provides performance that is faster than ever. Using 840 EVO also means less time worrying about your PC, because reliability is the name of the game. All of these features come in a sleek, attractive design that makes your PC attractive and fast. With 840 EVO, your daily computing experience will never be the same.

  • SSD 840

    Your PC made new again

    Upgrading to a Samsung SSD 840 Series can breathe new life into your system by enhancing boot-up speed, application loading, and multi-tasking performance. With the Samsung 840, photo editing programs load twice as quickly and video clips render 30% faster than with an HDD

  • SSD 840 PRO

    The top SSD for the top professionals

    The Samsung SSD 840 PRO is a high-performance SSD designed for power users. Sophisticated performance enhancing features deliver consistent speed for demanding applications under heavy workloads. The 840 PRO is the best choice for professionals looking to supercharge their workflow.

  • 3bit/cell MLC NAND FLASH

    A Breakthrough in Technology

    With the 840 Series SSD, Samsung is bringing the very first 3-bit/cell consumer SSD to market. The advent of 3-bit/cell MLC NAND technology in consumer SSDs represents an exciting evolution of NAND Technology Advances in process and controller technology have allowed Samsung to design a new generation of MLC NAND chips that contain 3-bit/cell as opposed to the traditional 2-bits/cell that regular MLC NAND contains.

Samsung SSD 840 EVO – Your life evolved

What do you use your PC for? How could it be better?
The Samsung SSD 840 EVO line-up is available in five capacities: 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB, supporting a wide range of computing environments and IT applications.
Discover how the Samsung SSD 840 EVO can improve your everyday computing experience.

[SSD vs HDD] SSD 840 PRO performance

There are two types of PCs in this world -
Standard PC and Tuned up PC with SSD 840 PRO.
Tune Up your PC experience to the Max with a Samsung SSD 840 PRO.

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