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A Master at Multitasking, Samsung SSD 840 EVO 1TB

Powerful processing & faster

The 1TB Samsung SSD 840 EVO offers the most efficient performance of the 840 lineup, because higher-
capacity SSDs use more NAND flash and can process more requests in parallel.

Save time with faster multimedia

Search and edit faster... even with large multimedia files. When working with huge graphics and images,
the Samsung SSD 840 EVO 1TB reduces the time you spend waiting for work to finish and gives you extra
time for other things.

Higher Density. More Durability.
Less Weight. 

Weighing in at half as much as a traditional HDD, a higher capacity SSD means you no longer need to carry around heavy external storage devices. Plus, you get added peace of mind knowing that your data is safe from the perils of travel, including sudden impacts and vibration. 

A Smart Investment.

With the lowest price per GB, the 1TB Samsung SSD 840 leaves extra money in your pocket for other
PC upgrades.

Samsung Data Migration software for the 840 Series SSD

In Just 3 simple steps, you can easily install your SSD 840 with Samsung`s Data Migration Tool.

SSD Angels

This is our little efforts to make people know about SSD.
SSD make people happy and save time, letting them do more of
what they love.

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Download Samsung SSD Software

Check and download softwares of Samsung SSD.

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