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Enabling The Best PC Experience :
Windows 8 +
Samsung SSD 840

3 Unique Strengths of Samsung SSD on Windows 8

Amazing Power Efficiency

With the industry’s lowest power consumption, the SSD 840, 840 EVO, 840 PRO is the perfect complement to Windows 8’s dramatic improvements in resource efficiency. In fact, the SSD 840, 840 EVO, 840 PRO offers over 30 minutes more battery life than other SSDs.

Outstanding Multi-Tasking

Windows 8’s intuitive new Metro UI encourages multitasking. Samsung’s SSD 840, 840 EVO, 840 PRO ensures users will experience great, lag-free performance when working with multiple applications.

Consistently Fast Boot Time

Worn-in Windows installations must manage a plethora of third-party applications, many of which load instructions at start-up. While an HDD will suffer performance deficits over time, the SSD 840, 840 EVO, 840 PRO industry-leading Random Read Speeds and Latency time ensure that boot times remain fast even after months of heavy OS use and application installs.

The No.1 OS paired with the No.1 SSD

A new UX paradigm

Flash-based storage architecture enables an entirely new level of user-experience. Windows 8 is designed
to take full advantage of the latest SSD technologies. Take full advantage of the latest Windows 8
enhancements by pairing it with the best SSD on the market.

PC Performance = SSD Performance

Tom’s HW Editor-in-Chief says that the CPU is already over-spec for typical consumer workloads – the
performance bottleneck is no longer the CPU, it’s the storage device. Focus on the latest technology
breakthrough by increasing SSD mindshare. Revive your aging PC with Windows 8 and a Samsung SSD
– the best way to breathe new life into an existing system.

Samsung Data Migration software for the 840 Series SSD

In Just 3 simple steps, you can easily install your SSD 840 with Samsung`s Data Migration Tool.

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Download Samsung SSD Software

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