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  • Portable SSD T3 Transfer faster,
    Store Safer.

    The fast and compact external storage
    Samsung Portable SSD T3

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  • SSD 950 PRO The NVMe Effect

    Sparkling new possibilities.

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  • SSD 850 Series A higher caliber SSD
    with enhanced performance and endurance

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Samsung V-NAND SSD

As an industry leader in SSD technology for more than two decades, Samsung brings you a wide array of SSDs suitable for virtually any application. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Samsung SSDs boast the world's first mass production of Vertical NAND flash memory. This groundbreaking technology delivers more of everything that SSD stands for--capacity, speed, endurance and power efficiency.

If you're a professional looking to boost the performance of your PC or Mac, look no further. Samsung SSD 750 EVO, 850 PRO, 850 EVO and 950 PRO will save you time and money with fast boot times, multitasking capabilities and a longer battery life. If you're datacenter manager who needs high-endurance SSDs with trusted data protection, choose Samsung SSD PM863 and SM863 for outstanding performance, reliability and endurance combined with end-to-end integration. If you're an avid gamer seeking for swift load time and superb responsiveness for enhanced gameplay, Samsung SSD is always your best bet.