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Samsung SSD 840 Series Product Story
3-bit/cell MLC NAND Flash

Introduction: A Breakthrough in Technology

With the 840 Series SSD, Samsung is bringing the very first 3-bit/cell consumer SSD to market. Although
it is a natural progression from MLC NAND, many are curious about this new NAND, which is sometimes
referred to as TLC NAND.

The advent of 3-bit/cell MLC(Multi Layer Cell) NAND technology in consumer SSDs represents an exciting
evolution of NAND technology. Advances in process and controller technology have allowed Samsung to
design a new generation of MLC NAND chips that contain 3-bits/cell as opposed to the traditional 2-bits/
cell that regular MLC NAND contains. While 3-bit/cell NAND has been around in low endurance, low
performance consumer applications for years (e.g. USB flash drives, memory cards, some digital devices,
etc.), this is the first time the technology has been applied to a high endurance, high performance
application like SSDs.

Samsung is confident that its latest innovations will enable its 840 Series to offer industry-leading
endurance levels while delivering optimal performance where it matters most to mainstream PC users.

Breakthrough SSD Technologies
Only Samsung Could Deliver

Top-Quality NAND

The NAND chips used in the 840 Series SSD are carefully sorted and selected from the highest quality
wafers of 3-bit/cell NAND using sophisticated “binning” algorithms. They are then tuned for better
endurance and painstakingly tested at both the component and system level before they are deemed
appropriate for use in an SSD. Some vendors conclude the validation process at the wafer-level rather
than revalidating at the chip-level. Chips that do not pass this second-level validation at Samsung are
reserved for secondary, non-SSD applications.

Advanced Signal Processing

A hallmark feature of the 840 Series firmware is the presence of Samsung’s latest proprietary Advanced
Signal Processing algorithms, a culmination of the years of industry-leading SSD experience it enjoys as
the world’s largest supplier of client PC SSDs. One of the most crucial algorithms is the Error Correcting
Code (ECC) that detects signal discrepancies and proactively remedies them in real time, guaranteeing
the integrity of the data read from each NAND chip.

Other specially-designed algorithms monitor every endurance cycle and adaptively tune each cell for
higher endurance. Simultaneously, wear leveling and block replacement are managed proactively by
periodically monitoring the effective endurance level of the NAND.

END-TO-END Integration

Developing firmware and NAND that work so intimately together is a competitive advantage that Samsung
enjoys as the only SSD maker that directly controls the design and manufacture of every major SSD
component - NAND flash, Controller, and DRAM. With intimate knowledge of every nuance of its drives,
Samsung is able to make optimizations at each step of the design process and ensure that its firmware is
designed to complement, rather than compensate for, each component.

Performance for the Real World


The 840 Series was specifically designed and optimized to excel in everyday computing scenarios and to
perform best where it matters most for typical customers.

In system-level benchmarks like PCMark Vantage, the 840 Series is able to comfortably outperform its
predecessor (the 830 Series) while competing favorably with some the highest performance drives on
the market.

Third party benchmarking reviews confirm Samsung’s internal testing results. In AnandTech’s Light
Workload 2011 test, which is designed to be a good indication of performance for mainstream computer
users, only the 840 PRO outperformed the 840 Series SSD. The 840 Series was able to comfortably
outperform top SSDs from many first-tier manufacturers.

SSD 840 Series PC Mark VantageMLC NAND


The 840 Series demonstrates impressive lifespan results under industry-standard methods of simulating
“real-world” use-cases. BAPCo’s SYSMARK*, a third party benchmarking tool, shows a 20 year lifespan under
a moderate workload consisting of 35% random writes. Applying JEDEC’s** testing methodology, the
minimum lifespan is 7 years, despite an extremely severe workload containing 75% random writes. Keep in
mind that these testing scenarios, especially the JEDEC workload, are used primarily for enterprise
computing applications (e.g. workstations, servers). Under consumer workloads (internally estimated not to
exceed 10GB/day for most users) and more appropriate testing scenarios, the 840 Series will show
considerably better endurance numbers.

Furthermore, a Korean SSD enthusiast website used Iometer’s Endurance Test (2008) to push the limits
of a 120GB 840 SSD. The test, which ran without failures, achieved an impressive 331TB Total Bytes Written
(TBW) which is equivalent to an extraordinary 94 year lifespan at 10GB/day.

End-users need not worry about their actual daily workloads, however. Samsung is so confident that a
typical client-PC user will never be able to exhaust the lifespan of the drive that it is guaranteeing its SSDs
for unlimited mileage - there are no workload restrictions in the 840 Series’ 3-year limited warranty.

Our Vision: The Ultimate PC Upgrade

The 840 Series SSD represents a significant step in Samsung’s vision of bringing SSD performance to the
mass consumer. Its 3-bit/cell MLC NAND technology enables higher capacity, more affordable SSDs without
compromising on speed, efficiency, or durability.

Samsung is proud to present the world’s first 3-bit/cell MLC SSD. With top-quality NAND and painstakingly
designed firmware optimized for real-world performance and endurance, the 840 Series truly is the ultimate
PC upgrade.

[SSD vs HDD] SSD 840 PRO performance

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