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Samsung SSD 840
Your PC made new again

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The Samsung SSD 840 is
the Single Best Upgrade for your PC

The easiest and most economical way to breathe new life into an existing system is to upgrade to an SSD.
When boot-up speeds and application loads are slow, people become frustrated with their PCs’
performance. Today, most PC performance woes are the result of slow read and write speeds on behalf of
the main storage device rather than a lack of CPU performance. Thus, upgrading to a Samsung SSD 840
can breathe new life into your system by enhancing boot-up speed, application loading, and multi-tasking performance.

Simple, 3-Step Upgrade Solution

Don’t waste your time & money by changing PCs. With its simple upgrade solution, Samsung’s 840 is the
single best upgrade for your PC and will deliver a whole new PC experience. There is nothing to fear,
because a simple, 3-step process will easily migrate all of your existing data. The much-improved magician
software makes it convenient to maintain your SSD at its best condition. And Samsung’s SSD 840 is
available with a full range of installation accessories for both desktops and laptops. (Installation accessories
are offered only in kit models.)

SSDs save time,
letting you do more of what you love

With the Samsung 840, photo editing programs load twice as quickly and video clips render 30% faster than
with an HDD. An 840 Series SSD helps you get work done and out to family and friends in no time, leaving
extra time to do more of what you love. Spend less time in front of the computer and more time with the
people you love doing the things you want.

Multi-tasking multiplied.
A powerful complement to Windows 8.

Outstanding Multi Tasking Performance : Windows 8’s intuitive new Metro UI encourages multitasking.
Samsung’s 840 Series SSD ensures users will experience great, lag-free performance when working with
multiple applications.

Consistently Fast Boot Time : Worn-in Windows installations must manage a plethora of third-party
applications, many of which load instructions at start-up. While an HDD will suffer performance deficits
over time, the 840 Series industry-leading Random Read Speeds and Latency time ensure that boot times
remain fast even after months of heavy OS use and application installs.

Industry-leading reliability

From the world’s leading storage engineers at the #1 maker of SSD components, Samsung’s SSD 840
Series delivers rock-solid reliability and sustained high performance over time and under heavy use.

A True End-to-End,
Integrated Solution

Samsung SSDs are designed completely in-house. To arrive at the perfect solution, Samsung builds all of
the main SSD components itself. The result is enhanced performance with Toggle DDR2 NAND flash, lower
power consumption with LPDDR2 cache memory, and better energy efficiency with the 3-core MDX

Toggle DDR2 NAND Flash Memory

Samsung’s Toggle DDR2 NAND flash chips enable data transfer rates of up to 400 megabits per second
(Mbps)-more than three times as fast as previous chips – offering dramatic read speed performance
improvements. In addition to performance improvements, the chips also consume less power than
competing NAND.

3-core MDX controller

More powerful and energy-efficient than our previous generation controller, the new Cortex-R4 CPU-based
Samsung MDX controller accomplishes more under the same power conditions than the
previous-generation MCX controller.

Ultra Low Power Consumption for
Longer Battery Life 

Best-in-class power management technology delivers significant power savings and reliable performance.
Samsung’s SSD 840 Series uses LPDDR2 cache memory that consumes 30% less power when active and
93% less power when idle than DDR2 memory while offering higher performance. With 30 minutes longer
battery life, Samsung’s SSD 840 Series lets you get more from your mobile experience.
* MobileMark2007: 7200rpm HDD vs. 840
CPU : Intel core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.3GHz
Chipset : Intel QM67 PCH (Integrated Intel GFX)
Memory : 4GB 1067MHz DDR3

Keep your data safe with
Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) Technology

Gain peace of mind without sacrificing performance, knowing that your data is protected with 256-bit AES
hardware-based encryption. Samsung’s SSD 840 applies data encryption automatically, and you can
re-purpose your drive or dispose of your data simply by erasing the encryption key.

Unbeatable Performance with up to 300 % Upgraded Speed

Don’t get frustrated by your sluggish PC anymore! You can now REVIVE your aging PC with Samsung SSD 840.
SSD 840 has much higher random/sequential speeds than HDD. This makes it possible for users to carry on with multiple computing activities more quickly and stable,
from booting, uploading or copying files. The SSD 840 reduces boot time from the regular 2-minute mark by 65%. It also speeds up file-transfer. In fact, it only takes
30 seconds to copy an entire video file, while it takes up to 100 seconds on a regular HDD.

SSD/HDD multi-tasking performance

Download Documents

Samsung Data Migration software for the 840 Series SSD

In Just 3 simple steps, you can easily install your SSD 840 with Samsung`s Data Migration Tool.

SSD Angels

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SSD make people happy and save time, letting them do more of
what they love.

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