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Preface of Samsung Solid State Drive White Paper

This content is designed to help facilitate a general to moderate understanding of SSD technology as well as Samsung’s industry leadership and unique product offerings. Much of the content requires at least a basic understanding of SSDs. Thus, it may help to review the glossary and familiarize yourself with some fundamental SSD terminology before delving into this material. Please keep in mind that many concepts have been simplified for the sake of understanding.
While each paper may stand on its own, you will benefit from a more clear understanding if you review all of the content in this booklet in the order in which it is presented. In addition to explaining why SSDs are a worthwhile upgrade from their traditional mechanical counterparts, you will find an introduction to NAND technology (the fundamental building block of SSDs), a discussion of various SSD-specific technologies, an overview of how to understand SSD benchmarks, and an outline of the most important Magician software features to help keep your SSD in top shape.

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