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The Samsung Advantage

Why You Should Choose a Samsung SSD

In such a crowded SSD market, it can be confusing to figure out which brand to trust or which drive to buy. Many vendors use the same components, repackaged under competing brand names, and feature extensive lineups that can be difficult to navigate. Samsung is unique in the SSD industry, as it represents one of the only fully-integrated SSD manufacturers. Additionally, capitalizing on its years of industry experience and leadership, Samsung strives to maintain a streamlined lineup of user-friendly products. With its unparalleled understanding of SSD technology and its focus on usability, Samsung is the brand you can trust to store your precious data.

End-to-End Integration

Samsung represents one of the few manufacturers that designs and manufactures every major SSD component. In addition to manufacturing both the NAND and the proprietary MDX SSD controller, Samsung also manufacturers the DRAM cache that its MDX controller uses as a performance buffer. Additionally, having full control over the firmware means Samsung is free to design its own unique performance profile and execute more robust reliability and bug testing. Each and every piece that makes up a Samsung SSD is fully optimized to work seamlessly with its counterparts - a design luxury that produces a product that not only outperforms, but outlasts, most of the competition.

The Best NAND

As a fully integrated manufacturer that controls its own NAND fabrication lines and produces a wide range of memory products, Samsung has the luxury of choosing only the best quality NAND to use in its SSD lineup. A NAND wafer does not contain NAND chips of uniform quality. Samsung takes those chips with the highest quality, performance, and potential longevity and uses them for the most demanding applications – SSDs. The regular quality chips can be used for less demanding applications, like USB storage devices, that do not experience consistent, heavy use.

The Most Experience

Samsung has been a number one player in the semiconductor industry for over 20 years. For 6 of those years, it has been the largest supplier of SSDs to the preinstalled PC business. Designing a storage device like an SSD is no trivial task – experience matters. Samsung’s SSD technology has been going through (and passing) the rigorous testing of the world’s most demanding clients for years, and its engineers have been learning each and every step of the way. Very few companies can pull together such vast knowledge and experience across every major SSD component – and Samsung’s expertise is embodied by its Average Failure Rate (AFR), which is among the industry’s lowest at 0.05%. Samsung’s SSD lineup is a culmination of everything it has learned and stands for, and customers love the results.

Simple Upgrade Solutions

With the introduction of the 840 Series SSD, Samsung is expanding its focus on ease-of-use. The full upgrade kit includes everything users need to bring their computing experience into the 21st century: a 3.5” adapter bracket for desktop PC users, a SATA to USB adapter cable for Notebook users, and a comprehensive software suite. In just 3 clicks, the new migration software, powered by Clonix, will migrate all of your precious data and your operating system to your new SSD. The fully-redesigned Samsung Magician software has been engineered from the ground up for better usability and brings everything you need to manage your SSD into one coherent interface. With regards to the SSD itself, the performance profile has been designed to deliver next-generation random performance, ensuring that your PC is more responsive than you ever imagined possible. To top it all off, you can rest assured knowing that your SSD will continue to offer excellent performance throughout its useful lifespan. With its simple upgrade solution and sustained, industry- leading performance, the Samsung SSD 840 is the single best upgrade you can make to your PC.

Unrivaled Performance

For users seeking the most extreme performance available, Samsung offers the 840 Pro SSD. Featuring the industry’s fastest Random Performance (up to 100,000 IOPS), users can expect up to about 15 times increase in performance over a typical SATA HDD. (Based-on traced-based benchmark score comparison) Coupled with the industry’s most rigorous qualification and reliability testing procedures and an advanced global support network, the 840 Pro is a welcome addition to any power user or professional workflow. Samsung Magician has been enhanced for advanced users as well, with the addition of superior, easy-to-use disk diagnostic and management features with a simple, graphical drive health indicator.

Trust Samsung

Samsung has a long track record of excellence in the memory industry. Its fully-integrated manufacturing approach means its SSDs are among the best performing and most reliable on the market. With great technology, a proven history of performance and reliability, and a strong commitment to putting it all together in a simple package, Samsung is the SSD brand you can trust for your next PC upgrade.


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