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Less Energy,
More Performance

Samsung Memory is designed to help reduce
everyday energy needs across all mobile devices.
Watch more, talk more, play longer.

Eco-Friendly Cost Competitive Facts that Matter
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Faster, Sharper,

Get the most out of your phone, tablet, laptop or
desktop with Samsung Memory. Don’t settle for
anything less than perfection.

HD Enabled Investment Protection Fun Facts
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Built to Endure,
Built to Last

Samsung Memory is designed to withstand the most extreme
conditions and still deliver the best performance.

Durability Tested Optimize Your PC Facts that Matter

Thinner is Better

Samsung Memory makes it possible to own a pocket-sized phone, a
travel-sized computer, and a tablet the size of a notepad. Samsung
Memory makes small, possible.

Slim & Thin Facts that Matter
  • Power
    & Energy
  • Performance
    & Experience
  • Reliability
    & Durability
  • Size
    & Form
  • Eco-Friendly Memory

    Our products continuously evolve. We use the latest technology. The most advanced materials. The safest components for you, and for planet earth. Samsung Memory is only manufactured with the most environmentally responsible materials.

    Cost Competitive

    Every penny counts. That’s why Samsung makes memory that radically reduces energy usage. Less energy means you can shrink your infrastructure, reduce overhead, and slash operating costs.

    Facts that Matter

    With the power savings made by possible by using Samsung Memory, you can enjoy up to 92 more minutes of battery life. That’s 1 more movie; 4 more shows; 26 more songs; or 100 more chances to battle the enemy and prevail.

    HD Enabled

    Experience a home theater in the palm of your hand. Samsung LPDDR2 4Gb offers up to 3.2GB/S data streaming (twice as fast as LPDDR1) enabling full HD playback with 1080p. Finally, barrel rolls at Mach 3 and buzzing the watchtower will look and feel real.

    Investment Protection

    Samsung always stays ahead of the game. Three to six months in the lead. That’s the difference between innovation and imitation. When you use Samsung Memory, you are guaranteed state-of-the-art technology, reliability, and performance.

    Fun Facts

    When you use machines powered by Samsung Memory, expect boot-up speeds of 15 seconds or less. The competition doesn’t even come close. You can wait, or you can use Samsung.

    Durability Tested

    Portable digital devices can easily break when they collide with other objects. Or when they get dropped. Samsung Memory is engineered to protect your vital data, even when your device gets destroyed. It can withstand 1.6 tons of pressure: the weight of 6 grand pianos.

    Optimize Your PC

    Samsung SSD Magician
    This tool provides system information, performance benchmarking, plus optimization and software updates if you have a Samsung solid state drive. Download the tool.

    Facts that Matter

    Samsung memory is so strong and durable that it can survive complete submersion in seawater, for 24-hrs, and emerge, fully functional.

    Slim & Thin

    How did all of your devices get progressively smaller, thinner, and faster? By relying on Samsung Memory. The smallest, most powerful memory on the planet.

    Facts that Matter

    LPDDR2 memory can store twice the amount of information in the same space and height as LPDDR 1. Which means you get more operating power and speed, even on a smaller device.