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  1. Schedule : Nov. 1. 2012
  2. Location : The Fairmont San Jose, San Jose, CA

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Attend the Second Annual Samsung CIO Technology Forum!

In today's IT environments, spurring new enterprise growth, attracting and retaining customers and reducing enterprise costs are the top three business priorities for many companies. Combining these concerns with the critical priorities of identifying useful business intelligence, and sorting through cloud, virtualization and mobile technologies adds to the challenges facing today's IT environment. Additionally, governmental policies can play an important role in the decisions we make regarding our IT infrastructure. Embracing solutions to these challenges, the CIO Forum will help determine key strategies that can drive greater business value in the enterprise, leading to distinct competitive advantages.

■ 12:30 Master of Ceremonies
- Speaker : Carl Guardino, President & CEO Silicon Valley Leadership Group

■ 12:40 Speaker
- Speaker : Charlie Bae, President Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

■ 12:45 Speaker
- Speaker : Chuck Reed, Mayor San Jose

■ 13:00 Opening Address
- Speaker : Jimm Elliott, VP, Memory Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
- Presentation Title : How SSDs are Improving the Efficiency of the Data Center

■ 13:30 Keynote
- Speaker : Dileep Bhandarkar Ph.D., Distinguished Engineer, Global Foundation Services, Microsoft
- Presentation Title : Energy Efficiency Considerations in Large Data Centers

■ 14:00 Panel
- Speaker : Joseph Unsworth, Research V.P., NAND Flash & SSDs, Gartner
- Presentation Title : The Disruptive Use of Solid State Drives in the Enterprise

■ 14:45 Break

■ 15:00 Keynote
- Speaker : Norm Fjeldheim, CIO&SVP, Qualcomm, Inc.
- Presentation Title : Evolution of Qualcomm's Data Center Strategy

■ 15:30 Panel
- Speaker : Mario Morales, VP, Semiconductors Research Program, IDC
- Presentation Title : How Will Big Data Disrupt the Technology Ecosystem of the Public Cloud

■ 16:15 Keynote
- Speaker : Dr. Janathan Koomey, Research Fellow Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance, Stanford University
- Presentation Title : Rough Seas Ahead for 'In-house' Data Centers

■ 16:45 Reception