Samsung DevEx Tel Aviv 2012

Samsung DevEx Tel Aviv 2012 - Log Image

  1. Schedule : Dec. 11. 2012
  2. Location : Dan Tel Aviv Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel

Show highlights

Samsung DevEx Tel Aviv 2012 is a developer conference highlighting Samsung’s Exynos application processors, along with its other new products from Samsung’s System LSI division. This division specializes in the integration of processors cores, memory, high speed I/O interfaces and advanced peripherals on a single silicon chip. The aim is to create system-on-chip (SOC) solutions for next generation mobile and home solution products. In short, System LSI is responsible for developing efficient chips to power leading-edge consumer electronics – from tablets to smart phones to home appliances. This one-day conferences offers start-up software companies and venture capital firms the unique opportunity to hear directly from Samsung Electronics about the partnership opportunities that are available with its System LSI business.

The agenda, which will feature executive-level speakers from System LSI and also Samsung’s venture capital arm (Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, or SVIC), will explore how logic semiconductor technology is quickly becoming the driving force behind all mobile applications and why partners for key technology development are critical to this business.

Although DevEx is primarily an invitation-only event, a limited number of tickets will be available to software firms which did not receive invites. If you are interested in attending DevEx but did not receive an invitation, please click on the “Contact Us” tab on the homepage.