Qualcomm Uplinq 2013 Visit

Qualcomm Uplinq 2013 - Log Image

  1. Schedule : Sep. 3. 2013 ~ Sep. 5. 2013
  2. Location : San Diego, CA
  3. Booth No. : 106

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Uplinq is a wireless ecosystem conference, hosted by Qualcomm, that provides a cross-platform view of how to exploit the complete hardware-software system in today's wirelessly connected devices to produce the most compelling user experiences. As computing continues to be redefined, Uplinq provides a view into where wireless technologies, products and services are heading, and the business connections essential to making money..

Samsung Session

Powering the Next-Generation of Mobility
Description: There has been greatly increasing demand in the mobile industry for high-performance, low power memory in an "always-on," "always connected" world. Samsung's leading mobile memory technologies are a catalyst in enabling the next generation of mobile platforms and applications. Hardware and software on smartphones and tablets are pushing the memory bandwidth requirements to the limits of what LPDDR3 (Low Power Double Data Rate 3) can offer. Samsung is working on a new generation of mobile DRAM, LPDDR4, that will double the memory bandwidth while improving the power efficiency by 40%. In addition, mobile storage requirements are pushing the boundaries of what eMMC can deliver in terms of performance necessitating the need for a more scalable solution called Universal Flash Storage (UFS). UFS offers Solid State Disk (SSD) like performance while minimizing power consumption, an essential need for mobile devices.LPDDR4 and UFS will enable the entire mobile ecosystem from AP vendors to application developers to provide more powerful and compelling solutions to ever more demanding consumers.

- Kenny Han, Sr. Director, Memory Product Planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
- Mueez Deen, Director of Mobile Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 1:00-1:30PM

Location: San Diego Hilton, Indigo A/E Ballroom

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