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Samsung Consumer DRAM

Dynamic memory for high-end applications and a multitude of devices

Discover why Samsung's exceptional range of Double Data Rate (DDR) DRAM, DDR2 DRAM, and DDR3 DRAM solutions is unparalleled in today's consumer electronics marketplace. Whether the requirement is blistering speed for handheld gaming or extended temperature ranges for an automotive GPS device, our expertise and leadership in semiconductor memory makes us the preferred supplier for OEMs worldwide.

Put Samsung design advantages to work for you

Samsung's pioneering work in an extensive range of DRAM solutions has created a vast portfolio of consumer and industrial applications. If you're looking for fast clock speeds, extreme memory density, or high bandwidth, Samsung has a solution to suit your design needs.

Design benefits of using Samsung Consumer DRAM include the following competitive advantages:

Meet exacting device and application requirements

The comprehensive DRAM resources available from Samsung are essential when designing for the consumer market because different device types can have significantly different memory requirements. The figure illustrates different DRAM characteristics required by typical appliances and applications in home use today.

Samsung Semiconductor Consumer DRAM

Samsung Consumer DRAM delivers outstanding solutions for a wide range of consumer device and application requirements, including the following:

Hard disk drives
Low-density and high-performance DRAM (from 64Mb to 1Gb DDR and DDR2) for use in hard disks of varying types and capacities
Digital TVs, DVD players/recorders, and set-top boxes
High-density and high-performance DRAM for use in diverse consumer electronic devices
Digital cameras
Industry-leading high-density and high-performance DRAMs for use by major digital camera manufacturers worldwide
GPS and other automotive devices
A comprehensive range of DRAM offerings for use by major office equipment OEMs around the globe

Consumer DRAM specifications at a glance

Key features of Samsung's Consumer DRAM memory include

Key features of Samsung's Consumer DRAM memory include
Maximum Organization Data range/pin
Output Impedance Control Speed/Frequency
DQS Packages
Bandwidths DQ
Supported Densities Typical VDD/VDDQ Voltages
Termination Interfaces
Driver Control  

Stay ahead of consumer trends

Samsung's industry-leading research and development efforts are dedicated to meeting your future needs in consumer and industrial markets. These efforts are critical for success because consumers expect continuous improvements in device performance. Our ongoing studies indicate that memory solutions across all segments will continue to require denser, faster, and lower power designs. As a leader in the development of semiconductor memory, Samsung is committed to keeping you at the forefront of this exciting journey.

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