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Samsung Imaging Solution Group is committed to delivering the world's best quality imaging sensors. Our Imaging Solution Business provides a development tool named "Simmian board"

Simmian in Korean means an eye for the beautiful. Samsung Simmian board which is composed of a Hardware image capture board and a Software Package for image tuning of our CIS, ISP, SoC (CIS+ISP) products. Its strength is that even a beginner can do imaging tuning including AE, AWB, Gamma, and Color Correction easily.

The main function of the Simmian board is to allow raw image data from Samsung's Imaging Solution products to be transferred to PC through the USB 2.0 at very high speed.

Samsung Simmian board can accept high-resolution images and is designed with a minimum number of parts and a small size board.

It is also designed to reduce power consumption. Raw data can be transferred from Samsung's Imaging Solution products to PC at very high speed and not lose any data. The board can transfer a maximum of 16-bits to PC through the FPGA to maximize the transfer bit rate. This board has an external PLL clock so that user can set proper sensor frequency at UI program. Also, this board supports a variable sensor so that it can change IO level. The power for the board can be supplied from USB cable or from the external DC power source.

We have three types of Simmian boards to develop applications of mobile devices to advanced DSLR cameras;

Simmian_v1.x: Supporting PVI interface
Simmian_v2.x: Supporting PVI interface and MIPI 4-Lane interface
Simmian_v2 Pro: Supporting PVI interface and MIPI 4-Lane interface and SubLVDS for DSC and DSLR applications' evaluation
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