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Samsung Display Solutions

Memory-embedded display driver technology for reduced power usage, temperature, and cost

Find out why leading manufacturers implement Samsung Display Solution solutions to achieve heightened levels of power efficiency, low temperature operation, and cost savings for next-generation mobile devices. Unlike non-memory DDI, Samsung memory-embedded DDI technology delivers innovative single-chip solutions that help you design powerful low power display devices-and bring them to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Experience built-in power savings

For both mobile DDI products and panel DDI devices such as televisions, laptops, and navigation systems tablets, design benefits of Samsung DDI technology include:

  • Extended battery life in products with slim mobile form factors through reduced panel thickness
  • Expanded product life through low panel temperatures
  • Fast time to market through simplified system design and minimum parts count, resulting in outstanding cost competitiveness
  • Enhanced picture quality through exceptional contrast, saturation, and sharpness, with capability to drive high-resolution screens

DDI specifications at a glance

Mobile Display Solution

  • 1-chip, 70-nm solutions with frame buffer memory
  • 1Gb/s (2-lane), 500Mb/s (4-lane) More than 1Gbps/lane High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) support
  • MIC (Mobile Image Comparison Compression) advanced compression algorithm
  • Full frame buffer integration (qVGA, VGA, HVGA WVGA) and Half frame buffer integration (WXGA, FHD)
  • Low-power solutions
    • - Advanced display algorithms (CABC/LABC/RGBW)
    • - 1.2V process technology

Panel Display Solution

  • Wide operating voltage range
    • - Analog: 6.5V to 18V
    • - Digital: 1.8V to 3.6V
  • High-speed interfaces (m-LVDS and AiPi++ SCIL): Up to 3.1Gb/s
  • Up to 1.65Gb/s data rate per pin
  • 1284/1366-channel 1368-channel

Achieve low temperatures for panel Display Solution products

An exceptional choice for monitors, laptops, tablets, and TVs, Samsung Display Solution technologies include chip on film (COF), chip on glass (COG), and ultra low-temperature chip on film (u-LTCOF) designed to operate at 45 percent lower temperatures than previous-generation Samsung devices. This innovation offers a wide range of analog and digital operating voltages to suit different applications-for example, enabling low analog voltages to minimize power consumption in laptops and high analog voltages to achieve fast response times in LCD TVs.

Samsung also provides a high-performance timing controller that supports various high-speed interfaces, renders low EMI, and consumes low power while communicating with column drivers. Other advantages include support for digital-independent Gamma correction and various display resolutions, such as VGA and WUXGA. XGA and WQXGA

Reduce costs with a single-chip advantage for mobile Display Solution

Samsung helps manufacturers reduce design costs through optimal process, vertical integration, and a single-chip solution. For mobile Display Solution devices, Samsung offers a full lineup of single-chip Display Solutions for CSTN, TFT (Amorphous, LTPS), and OLED panels. Samsung memory-embedded Display Solution technology is designed to integrate the smallest-sized gram into the Display Solution. Integrated in these single-chip solutions is a Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) that operates at 800Mb/s more than 1Gbps, enabling manufacturers to meet fast performance requirements of the latest mobile devices.

For touch panels, Samsung provides a capacitive-type multi-touch, all-points touch screen controller. It includes a capacitive touch-sensing circuit and an ARM Cortex-M3 core with on-chip software program and data memory.

Speed time to market for mobile and panel display devices

Samsung memory-embedded Display Solution technologies shorten crucial time-to-market windows for leading-edge products. In a market where crystal-clear display quality, superior product design, and long battery life are key, Samsung offers the cost-effective, single-chip solutions you need to accelerate the product design cycle and stay competitive as the market evolves.