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Samsung Graphics DRAM

Uncompromising memory solutions for graphics-intensive applications

Video editors, 3D gaming enthusiasts, and high-performance computing users are among the most demanding technology customers in the world. So when you're designing for these market segments, you need outstanding Graphics DRAM solutions. Samsung is dedicated to delivering the fastest, most advanced graphics memory products on the market, including Graphics Double Data Rate 3 (GDDR3) and GDDR5.

Permanently installed either on the graphics card or the system board, these dedicated memory products are designed to improve the performance of both the graphics processing unit (GPU) and the system display to deliver unparalleled visual experiences. Samsung Graphics DRAM also heightens overall system performance by taking memory load off the computer's main memory.

Deliver exceptional graphics performance

Fueled by 3D applications and gaming demands, Samsung's GDDR5 memory solutions are designed to achieve data rates of up to 7Gb/s per pin, which translates to 28GB/s for the complete memory chip. Design advantages of Samsung's GDDR5 Graphics DRAM include:

  • Ultrafast peak bandwidths for top performance
  • Low power modes with a VDD of 1.35V
  • Minimized dependency on system I/Os through programmable organization of x32 and x16
  • Enhanced design flexibility based on industry-standard FBGA package

Samsung GDDR3 memory solutions offer a combination of operating speed and data processing bandwidth that is well suited to many different design needs. The company maintains a comprehensive portfolio of GDDR3 and GDDR5 memory in volume production.

Graphics DRAM specifications at a glance

Key Features
Organization x16 x32 x32/ x16
Data Speed/Pin 2,133 Mbps 2.6 Gb/s 7Gb/s
Bandwidth/Chip 4.266 GB/s 10.4 GB/s 28GB/s
VDD/VDDQ 1.5 V/1.5 V,
1.35 V/1.35 V
1.8 V/1.8 V 1.5 V/1.5 V,
1.35 V/1.35 V
Interface SSTL_15 POD_18 POD_15
I/O Control Bidirectional Unidirectional Separated CLK between
CMD/ A8D and Data
9 mm x 13.3 mm
9 mm x 13.3 mm
170 FBGA (Flip chip)
12 mm x 14 mm
Burst Length 4, 8 4, 8 8
Special features OCD/Dynamic
POD (ZQ Calibration)
New Clocking (Use of differential data clock, WCK, WCK#)
CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)/address bit DM (data masking)
DBI (data bus inversion)/ABI (address bus inversion)/training
DDR (double pumping) address rate/SDR command rate/QDR data rate
Selectable x32/x16 mode

Meet exacting application expectations

Our Graphics DRAM is designed to meet critical application requirements and surpass demanding user expectations. Designing with Samsung Graphics DRAM heightens memory performance across a comprehensive range of graphics solutions:

  • 3D graphics - Create high-quality 3D graphics for compute-intensive applications with advanced memory requirements, such as medical imaging.
  • Video editing - Enhance high-definition (HD) video editing performance, which requires significant computing power along with very high amounts of memory.
  • High-performance computing - Deliver outstanding visual displays for supercomputer output, such as weather forecasting models.
  • 3D gaming - Enable dazzling display performance for an optimal gaming experience.

Boost your competitive advantage

With world-class performance, low power consumption, and enhanced design flexibility, Samsung Graphics DRAM technology helps you stay competitive by enabling a rich experience for users of the latest computer systems and applications. We continually work with leading solution providers and OEMs to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge graphics technologies to market.*

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