Power management solution for Exynos Processor.

Samsung Power Management ICs

Compelling power management solutions for mobile devices

Discover how Samsung power management ICs (PMICs) can give your designs a competitive edge in practically any segment of the mobile device market. As a mobile device architect, you're under continuous pressure to lower the power envelope of smartphones and tablets. Samsung PMICs are designed to supply the power needed by application processor (AP) and peripheral components in leading-edge mobile devices-all while delivering the power efficiency and savings you need

Benefit from tight coupling with Exynos application processors

Samsung's flagship Exynos AP family offers device architects the advanced mobile technologies needed to meet their system design requirements, and Samsung PMICs are optimized for the power, voltage sequencing, and control requirements of the Exynos APs. To accomplish this, our PMICs contain buck converters, a low drop-out (LDO) linear regulator, a real-time clock, primary and backup battery chargers, a manual reset facility, and three buffered 32.768 kHz oscillators. Samsung PMICs also integrate a high number of PMIC blocks to help achieve both cost and size savings.

Samsung Semiconductor PMIC Solution

Samsung PMICs and Samsung Exynos APs are designed to work together for maximum space efficiency, performance, and power savings PMICs at a glance

Figure 2. Main PMIC Blocks

Samsung Semiconductor PMIC Solution

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An extensive R&D program and research center enable Samsung to produce advanced mobile technologies that help keep our customers on the leading edge of device design and manufacturing. Let Samsung help you to spearhead the next-generation device market.

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