The Demand for Smart Card IC Technology is Increasing as Technology Evolves at a Rapid Pace, with Ever-increasing Complexity and Sophistication.

The World Leader in Smart Card IC Technology

As the leading manufacturer of advanced Smart Card IC solutions, Samsung's advanced state-of-the-art technology provides a full lineup of high performance Smart Card solutions for mobile phones, Java cards, electronic passports, banking cards, transportation cards, and e-commerce applications.

Creating the Future of Smart Card IC Technology

Based upon the industry's latest fabrication process, with proven world-class design expertise and security technology, Samsung has continuously been first to market the next generation Smart Card IC products.

Samsung's Smart Card IC solutions provide enhanced security solutions across the globe and across a range of industries, including telecommunications, finance, public services, and more.

Key Features

The key features of Samsung's Smart Card IC EEPROM and Flash products are summarized below:

The key features of Samsung's Smart Card IC EEPROM and Flash products are summarized below
Feature Telecom SIM USB Tokens M2M FSID
EEPROM Flash Flash EEPROM Flash EEPROM Flash
EEPROM (KB) 72, 144 - - 72 - 4~144 -
Flash (KB) - 80~768 256 - 320 - 136~304
ROM (KB) 384 32~384 32 384 32 128~384 32
RAM (KB) 8~16.5 2~50 8 8 8 2~8.5 4~8.5
CPU 16-bit 16-bit or
16-/32-bit 16-bit 16-/32-bit 16-bit 16-bit
Crypto Engine *Yes Yes - - *Yes *Yes
T-DES *Yes *Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AES *Yes Yes - *Yes *Yes
Memory Protection Unit *Yes *Yes Yes Yes *Yes Yes
Abnormal Condition Detectors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interface ISO 7816 ISO 7816
*ISO 7816 SWP
USB 2.0 FS/ISO 7816/SPI ISO 7816 ISO 7816 ISO 7816/14443 Type A/B ISO 7816/14443 Type A/B
Certification - *EMVco,
- - EMVco,

* This feature is not available on some products.


Samsung's next generation Smart Card ICs enable value-added customer services, while providing advanced features and superb technical capabilities across all application types.

  • The ability to offer a full lineup of EEPROM and Flash embedded Smart Card chips with various NVM sizes and specifications.
  • Cater to high-end market needs by providing high memory densities and strong security features for multi-application support and secure transactions.These newly developed Smart Card ICs demonstrate Samsung's strong R&D capability, and consolidate Samsung's leading position in the industry.


Samsung Smart Card IC products power a range of applications:

  • Telecommunications and Mobile Security (SIM)
  • FSID (Financial Security and Identification) - including payment applications
  • IT Security (NFC/eSE, TPM, and brand protection solutions)

Consumer Requirements for Mobile Based Services are Ever-increasing as Underlying Mobile Communication Technologies Progress from 2G to 3G/4G.

Consequently, the role of the SIM card is becoming more important as the complexity of SIM based devices, such as handsets and smart meters, increases.

For example, SIM cards must be equipped with more memory, as increased bandwidth (from 2G to 3G) allows network operators to add more functionality, features, and multimedia applications onto SIM cards.

The Leading Supplier of SIM IC Products

As the leading supplier of SIM IC products since 2005, Samsung ensures that the SIM IC product range is fully equipped for the latest network and handset demands. The product line includes multiple SIM types (2FF, 3FF, 4FF, UICC), embedded Flash with higher memory density on smaller chip sizes and support for SWP (Single Wire Protocol).

Key Features

Mobile applications such as smart phone, and PDA

High memory density on smaller chip sizes
  • Flash embedded program data: 80 to 768 KB
    • ROM: 32 to 384 KB
    • RAM: 2 to 50 KB
  • EEPROM embedded program data: 72 to 288 KB
ISO 7816 interface compliance, including SWP-SIM
Support for multiple embedded SIM package types


Applications for Samsung's SIM IC products include SIM cards for 2G and 3G handsets, multimedia smartphones, tablets, SWP/NFC enabled smartphones, and other SIM enabled devices.


Samsung's forward looking Smart Card IC products are ideally placed, as the transition from 2G to 3G/4G accelerates, and consumers move from the traditional SIM cards to multi-function Smart Cards.

For example, Samsung's Smart Cards simultaneously support multiple functions, including a GSM/3G identity module, RF transmit, banking, increased storage and multi-applications. In addition, payment solutions can utilize the strong security feature of the SIM IC and applications can utilize increased network bandwidth and secure data transactions. Furthermore, from 2011, SWP compliant SIM cards are in demand to support the deployment of NFC (near field communication) based handsets and the underlying network expansion.

Samsung continuously offers state of the art high-quality products and services.

NFC is a Groundbreaking Technology for Short-range (up to 10cm or 4inches), High Frequency Wireless Communication.

It allows devices such as smartphones to collect or transmit data to another NFC-enabled device without manual configuration to identify devices. In addition, NFC enabled smartphones can act as a contactless payment card, for safe and secure purchases and transactions within retail facilities and transportation systems. It can also read RFID tags in retail stores or on outdoor billboards for convenient on-the-spot data access.

NFC is now recognized throughout the industry as an easy and effective way to transmit encrypted information between mobile devices or between mobile devices and other stationary NFC-enabled devices such as kiosks.

According to a recent report released by ABI Research, NFC-enabled device market - that includes handsets, consumer electronics, and other non-mobile industries - is poised to expand from 41 million units in 2011 to 820 million units in 2016 at a compound annual growth rate of 74 percent.

Samsung now provides the world's first Flash embedded state-of-the-art NFC chip controller with industry-leading power management technology and advanced RF sensitivity.

Key Features

Mobile applications such as smart phone, and PDA

Fast and simple firmware updates
Low power consumption (20% decrease)
Support for relevant stand
Qualified technical support


By leveraging its extensive experience in low power design and smart card technology, Samsung has developed the NFC chip to ensure minimal power consumption in both active and stand-by modes. With a 20 percent decrease in power consumption, Samsung's NFC chip remains active for mobile payment even without battery power. Samsung's latest chip offers designers a competitive choice for next generation smartphones with NFC capabilities.

Samsung's standalone NFC chip, "Windsor", is the industry's first to adopt flash embedded memory. This allows device designers to easily upgrade the device's software or firmware. Furthermore, Samsung provides a software protocol stack and technology services for antenna design and tuning. These features allow designers to reduce their product's time-to-market.

Samsung is also providing a secure NFC chip, "Kremlin", for embedding a proven secure element in a single package. This will further satisfy a host of market requirements for secure mobile transactions.



Samsung Semiconductor Security Solution

Benefits for Customers

Applications for Samsung's NFC Chip Controller include :

Put your mind at ease, knowing that you're protected.

Samsung smart card ICs are the next generation in data security and identity verification. Strong encryption protocols and advanced features all come together in tiny packages that offer the convenience of complete security you can carry in your pocket.

In electronic transactions, the security of financial and personal information is critical, particularly for identification purposes. Consequently, many security and identification related applications have already adopted Smart Card IC technology.

The Samsung FSID Solution represents cutting-edge technology, consisting of three elements: Smart Shield, Smart Sensor, and Smart Core.

Key Features

Key features include:

  • Custom random layout, memory encryption, Intelli-Protection
  • EDC/ECC on all memory, MPU, environmental sensors
  • TORNADO™ 2Mx2 with certified RSA/ECC library
  • Dynamic random shield, dynamic encryption bus
  • Light sensor network, CPU protection against faults
  • Flash permanent write protection for code
  • Secure instructions with SecuCalm
  • DES/AES with side channel protection
Samsung Semiconductor Security Solution
Smart Shield
Custom Random Layout, Memory Encryption
Samsung Semiconductor Security Solution
Smart Sensor
Light Sensor Network, Digital fault Detection
Samsung Semiconductor Security Solution
Smart Core
High Speed, Secure Crypto Engines, Secure Low Power RISC CPU


Samsung FSID provides several key benefits, including reduced identify theft and fraud, increased consumer confidence, and more efficient electronic services. Security is absolute with safeguards against the next generation of attacks.



As the installed base of payment cards around the world increases, the banking and financial sector is increasingly turning to the EMV standard (over the traditional magnetic stripe) for payment cards, with fraud prevention and security being the primary reasons. Samsung offers chips for debit cards, credit cards, and electronics tickets, such as those used in public transport systems or as tickets for events.

Identification Documents and Epassports

The continuing integration of semiconductor technology allows identity documents for Epassports, driver's licenses, identity cards, insurance certificates, healthcare cards, and other forms of identification to become increasingly forgery-proof, while offering additional functionality. The use of security chips allows only those authorized to see or change the stored data, while providing greater convenience for the user. Based on Smart Card technology, companies and authorities can, for example, grant (and restrict) individual access authorization to particular buildings, services, and digital data.