More Mobility. Less Energy

A slimmer, more powerful smart phone.

An Always-On, Always-Connected lifestyle.

Delivering an around-the-clock mobile experience in a slimmer design

Samsung SMART MEMORY activated

Samsung Smart Memory

Your "Alwayson, Alwaysconnected" mobile lifestyle demands better performance less energy consumption and smaller sizes. Samsung researched and developed Smart Memory to meet all three of these demands, providing your smartphone, tablet and slim PC with all the performance you need while requiring less energy in a thinner form factor. Samsung Smart Memory is quite simply the smartest choice for today's mobile world.


Samsung Smart Memory's improved density and bandwidth, coupled with a thinner chip-stacking design, allow smartphones to become even smarter. This latest generation of more efficient Smart Memory extends battery life by 10 percent without sacrificing performance. Its power savings happens while your device is sleeping; it is actually working to maintain connections, receive updates, and more. With Samsung Smart Memory, you will enjoy the same rich experience without draining your phone's battery.
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Samsung's super-slim Smart Memory does more in less space. Innovations in chip-stacking technology allow for double the memory bandwidth in a smaller space. Small,yet more powerful memory means that tablet screens can get bigger while devices get thinner and lighter. However, as tablets increase in performance, they also decrease battery life. Yet, Samsung's Smart Memory actually extend battery life by 10 percent without sacrificing performance. Learn more >>>

Slim PC

Samsung's energy-efficient and super-slim Smart Memory solutions allow you to multitask more, download and install new apps faster than ever, and enjoy high-resolution 3D games and video on your thinner and lighter slim PC. With increased power savings happening while your device is sleeping, Samsung Smart Memory allows you to make the most of today's new mobile, "AlwaysOn, AlwaysConnected" lifestyle. Learn more >>> Mobile Memory Ecosystem - Banner Image