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Delivering an around-the-clock mobile experience in a slimmer design

Slim PCs

As our lifestyles become more mobile, so do our notebook computers. Portability has always been the key feature for these devices. Today, though, being able to easily carry a computer around with you is not enough. Notebooks need to become as agile and mobile-friendly as our smartphones, allowing for music streaming and social networking. With all our mobile devices now in an "Always On Always Connected"state, our slim PCs cannot afford to fall behind.

Lowesst Standby Power. LPDDR3

Samsung Smart Memory is leading the way to a full convergence of our PC-centric past with our mobile-centric present and future. While smartphones and tablets easily fell into this convergence zone when the were introduced; notebook PCs have needed to adapt. Luckily, they have been able to benefit from the same power-saving memory technologies─ combined with improved memory and hard drive construction─ that have allowed for smaller, lighter and more highly mobile PCs.

PC-Centric, Mobile-Centric

More Productivity

Nowadays, mobility is king. With this increase in mobility, however, come power consumption becomes a concern. Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM meets this concern by lowering power consumption during standby periods. Smart Memory LPDDR3 requires far less standby power than current DDR3L memory, while providing the same performance. This means you can pick up your notebook and start using it instantly, without power concerns, just like you do with your smartphone.

LPDDR3 Is the best Solution for Convertible & Detachable ULT

Since we're always connected, saving power in standby mode goes a long, long way. Standby mode is a busy time for your notebook. This is when you are doing other things, and your PC is checking for email, synchronizing data with cloud services, and fetching updates from social networking sites. All that activity can be a drain on your battery, leaving your notebook unresponsive when you want to use it. But Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 can give you up to five hours longer in standby mode than current DDR3L memory. Now, thanks to Samsung Smart Memory, your notebook PC can join your phone and tablet in your new "Always On, Always Connected" mobile lifestyle.

Always on Always Connected

Make Room for More

Just like their smart phone and tablet cousins, notebook PCs can greatly benefit from smaller, thinner memory components. However, notebooks also carry a hard drive. Shrinking onboard DRAM can only help so much if storage devices stay the same size. Samsung Smart Memory foresaw this issue and applied many manufacturing advances to replace Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) with new smaller solid-state drives (SSDs).


It's not enough, however, to simply make memory components smaller. They must also perform as good as, if not better, than existing components. Plus, as the world becomes more environmentally-conscious world, it is equally important that they use less energy. Samsung Green SSDs boast a standby power reduction of 85% over HDDs. This pairing of power savings with increased performance allows for grreater responsiveness from your notebook.

Always On, Intermittent Usage

Packed with smaller, lighter memory components that exhibit legendary Samsung reliability, your notebook can be a sleek and stylish device that rivals your smart phone or tablet for mobility.

Live a Mobile Life

With Samsung Smart Memory, your notebook PC can become your around-the-clock mobile device. By adopting the smartphone and tablet model "Always On, Always Connected" capability, your notebook gives you all the performance you need during the day to support your work or school requirments. In the evenings, it provides the same great performance for your leisure activities, such as watching videos and surfing the web. Then, while you sleep, it lowers its power consumption so that you can stay connected to email and social networking without draining the battery.

Day & Night Usability

The explosive growth in smartphones and tablets, when paired with the decline in traditional desktop PCs, leaves notebook PCs uniquely positioned to bridge that generational gap between desktop and mobile. More and more users want a powerful PC that is light and sleek but still boasts good battery life. Samsung Smart Memory provides the components needed to keep notebook PCs moving in this direction.

Now, you can replace both your PC and tablet with a single slim device that has all the power of a traditional PC, married to the lightweight portability of today's tablets. Samsung Smart Memory empowers you to live the ultimate mobile lifestyle.

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