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An Always-On, Always-Connected lifestyle.


As modern culture moves away from the more traditional PC-based computing lifestyle and into a mobile one, Samsung Smart Memory is working to ease the transition. Advances in memory technology allow for tablets to increase in power, while actually reducing their power consumption. Thinner memory design means that tablets are able to feature larger screens, while slimming down and weighing less. Samsung Smart Memory makes it easier than ever to carry a powerful PC with you wherever you go.

The recent explosive growth in smartphone ownership is being mirrored with tablets. In recent years, tablets were an expensive novelty; however, everywhere you look today, people are using tablets. Just like smartphones, tablet users require longer battery life, higher graphics resolution, and better overall speed and performance.


Standby for More Power

Tablets are like big smartphones that do not make calls. Just like smartphones, tablets are used to stay in constant contact with email servers, streaming services, social networking sites, and other devices. Especially considering the recent proliferation of cloud computing and cloud storage services, tablets have become "AlwaysOn and AlwaysConnected."

Lowest Standby Power. LPDDR3

Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM provides the same performance as the previous generation LPDDR2, while using 10% less energy. In addition, that power savings was built upon a previous increase of 30% power efficiency. However, as power consumption decreases, memory performance is not stagnant. Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 actually increases its Watt/Bandwidth performance. As mobile devices get more intelligent, so does Samsung Smart Memory.

Power Efficiency

This continuous synchronization of content requires power even when a tablet is sleeping. Standby power usage is where Samsung Smart Memory has found incredible savings. Saving power while in standby mode means your tablet holds a charge longer, and because it is always on, it can start up faster from sleep mode, much like a smartphone, for an all-around better mobile experience.

Take the Theater with You

Samsung Smart Memory rises to the challenge of meeting the demand for larger screens and better video in a thinner, more lightweight tablets. Chip-stacking technology makes for shorter memory stacks, allowing tablets to get thinner at the same time that their screens are getting larger. Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM has made sharp increases to accommodate the growing demand for higher memory bandwidth.

Graphic Resolution. LPDDR3 Region

As LPDDR3 bandwidth increases, so does screen resolution and 3D graphics performance. This combination of larger screens with better video in thinner device makes your tablet as good as, and in some cases better than, your desktop PC or home theater. You can now take your favorite entertainment with you wherever you go. Enjoy HBO GO in the comfort of your bed. Stream Netflix cartoons for the kids in the family vehicle. Share YouTube videos with family and friends.

In the past, increases in memory performance were mainly driven by better graphics and higher screen resolutions. Today, however, those two factors remain important, but they have been joined by multi-tasking and connectivity. Again, tablets are expected to be always on and always connected for both recreational and work usage.

Do More With More

Samsung Smart Memory LPPDR3 supports twice the bandwidth of the previous generation of LPDDR2 memory. This incredible increase in bandwidth is vital for higher resolution 3D graphics and more powerful multi-tasking. Now, using your tablet for work in place of a laptop means you can carry the same computing power and display performance in a much thinner, lighter and more stylish device.

As the following graph illustrates, the demands placed upon memory performance come mainly from graphics-based elements, such as Display, RGB, and Encoding. ISP (Image Signal Processing) is requiring a greater and greater share of memory performance, too, due to our modern always-connected lifestyle. Samsung Smart Memory LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM bandwidth is continually evolving and improving to stay ahead of these demands.

LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM bandwidth

More bandwidth means more speed for having fun, too. Games and apps will run faster and more smoothly, all while the tablet maintains connections to other devices, online sites and cloud services. With Samsung Smart Memory inside, your tablet moves further away from its phone-like roots and becomes closer to a full-fledged mobile PC.

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