CalmSHINE is SAMSUNG's own software development toolkit for SAMSUNG embedded RISC microprocessors CalmRISC family.

CalmSHINE provides a complete programming environment for the development of embedded applications in C built on CalmRISC processors.

Samsung Semiconductor development tool CalmSHINE

CalmSHINE software development tools offer highly optimizing C compiler and visualizing debugger which support advanced debugging ability. CalmSHINE generates highly optimized code through advanced and CalmRISC architecture-specific compiler optimization technologies and link-time optimization which reduce overall program size by identifying and removing redundant segments of code from object files.

CalmSHINE software development tools include:

There are two kinds of CalmSHINE software development toolkits:

  • CalmSHINE16Plus
  • CalmSHINE16

CalmSHINE16Plus offers improved compiler engine with more optimizations compared to CalmSHINE16.
CalmSHINE16Plus achieves about 20% smaller code size and faster performance in most vectors.

CalmSHINE Structure

Samsung Semiconductor CalmSHINE Structure

For other requests or information regarding CalmSHINE software development tools, please send it to directly.