DDR3 DIMM Image of memory modules image of marking information

Label Field Description
(2) RoHS Compliant Logo
: Lead-free
: Halogen-free
For RoHS compliant (Lead-free. Halogen-free), logo is included on the label.An eco-product does not contain materials harmful to human body, such as Pb and halogen substances, at all. For more environmental information on products by the company, refer to Eco product page.
(3) Environmental Protection Use
Period (20 years ) Logo
SAMSUNG guarantees the product for ten years against any environmental losses, personal injuries, or serious property damages arising from the leakage of a harmful material or element contained in the product during normal operation.
(4) Country Country of origin
(5) Year & Week Code Manufactured Year & Week code
(6) Module Memory Capacity Number of DDR3 DRAM storage in DIMM module
(7) Memory Rank & Device ORG. Number of ranks of memory installed and Device organization (bit with)
(8) Memory Type
(9) Module Bandwidth & Type Module bandwidth in MB/s and Type
(10) CAS Latency DDR3 SDRAM CAS Latency in clocks at maximum operating frequency
(11) SPD Rev JEDEC SPD Revision Encoding and Additions level used on this DIMM
(12) Raw Card & Rev Reference design file used for this design and Revision number of the reference design used
(13) RCD Information (Registered DIMM use only)
(14) Part Number Refer to Part No. decoder page
(15) 2D Bacode Internally used for tracing Module
(16) WEEE Compliant Mark WEEE(Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) - SAMSUNG products are compliant with EU environment regulation about electrical equipment waste.
Detail information