Mobile, Big Data, and Green are the most important key trends in the semiconductor industry today. These trends require advanced packaging technology developments for the best performance of our semiconductor devices.


Our world has seen a paradigm shift toward a mobile lifestyle that demands high mobility, high performance, and low power consumption from our technology devices. Semiconductor device packages must become smaller, thinner, and lighter than ever before. Since "high performance" inevitably means "high power consumption," packaging technology development is the first step in reaching beyond this technical barrier.

Big Data

Today, our lives are connected like never before. While this is a positive development for individuals, our always-on, always-connected lives leave our devices short on both capacity and performance. This trend has put tremendous pressure on semiconductor device technology to meet these increasing demands. The development of package stacking technology is providing the only solution that overcomes this technological hurdle.


"Less Energy, More Performance" is not just a slogan anymore, as innovations in semiconductor packaging technology have enabled this mantra to come true. However, without substantial changes to interconnection, a truly "green semiconductor" will never be realized.

Samsung's competitive edge in Packaging Technology

Samsung Semiconductor Package Information Image

Since the very beginning of our semiconductor business, Samsung has been constantly researching advanced packaging technology. Like other companies on the leading edge, Samsung maintains a package research team (in our Samsung Semiconductor R&D Center). In addition, Samsung possesses a very well maintained facility for the production of our semiconductor products. This combination of R&D and production provides Samsung with a solid packaging technology development infrastructure, allowing us to provide our customers with the most optimized packaging solutions.

The following tenets illustrate our competiveness:

Variety of solutions

Samsung packages the most devices, from ultra-fast graphic DRAM to CIS. Our breadth of packaging allows Samsung to apply our varied, in-depth experience to nearly all semiconductor devices. This has led to various Samsung integration solutions, especially in Package on Package (PoP) and System in Package (SiP).

High quality and reliability

Born of our vast experience packaging semiconductor devices, Samsung maintains an extensive quality and reliability database. Keeping this amount of data on hand enables us to quickly deliver the most reliable packaging solution to our customers, making Samsung the first-considered partner for business.

Leading-edge technology

Samsung leads the way in packaging technology development, with many innovations making their debuts in Samsung devices. Low-cost flip chip, 16-stack high-yield flash package, and very-very thin Package-on-Package are just a few examples of Samsung’s spirit of innovation rising to meet technology challenges.