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A display driver IC (DDI) is an integrated circuit designed to control the display subsystem in mobile phones, desktop and laptop computers, digital TV receivers, and external OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display panels, among others. This document describes the internal layout, advantages, and most common deployment areas for the most widely used packages for DDIs.

Packaging Display Driver ICs

DDIs are most commonly supplied in two types of packages: TCP (Tape Carrier Package), and COF (Chip On Film). Figure 1 below illustrates both these packages, along with the layout of the driver IC within the package.

image of TCP and COF

TCP is a surface-mount technology providing multiple benefits, such as reduced pitch, thinner packages, and smaller footprints for the device on the PCB. TCP packages are capable of meeting a wide variety of designs and applications. Additionally, they also demonstrate excellent thermal stability.

The COF package differs from TCP primarily in the way the IC is bonded to the base or substrate. COF packages offer certain significant advantages over TCP packages, such as the ability to make the device leads finer, making it possible to shrink the device further in size. Additionally, devices in COF packages maintain their reliability even under long term storage.

Samsung's advanced manufacturing, processing, and packaging techniques ensure that DDIs supplied in both TCP and COF packages conform to the highest quality. Samsung is also a leader in the Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) packaging technology, which uses industry-standard Reel-to-Reel carrier tapes, facilitating easy, mass production of DDI devices.

Key Features of the TCP and COF Packaging Techniques

There are several distinct features of both the TCP and COF packaging techniques for DDIs. Table 1 below presents a list of some of these features.

Key Features of the TCP and COF Packaging Techniques
Number of Layers 3 2
Bending Slit Required Not required
Device Hole Required Not required
Inner Lead Pitch ~40 µm ~20 µm
Base Film Thickness 75 µm 38 µm
Copper Thickness 18 µm 8 µm

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Samsung's TCP and COF packaging techniques for DDI devices provide several significant benefits to the end application, some of which are listed below :

Application Areas for Samsung TCP and COF Packages

DDIs are used in almost all digital multimedia, entertainment, and computing devices, and Samsung's TCP and COF packaging solutions for DDIs are extensively used across all these segments. Some of the key application areas for Samsung's TCP and COF packages include :