Customer Service Function

For the customer satisfaction, Samsung attentively listens to customers' voice and performs various technical and quality support like Qualification Support, Quality Improvement, Problem and Requirement Management.
With the new Quality Concept of Back to Basic in mind, Samsung would do our best to provide the Highest Quality of Customer Service.

Samsung Semiconductor Customer Satisfaction image

Quality Improvement

Quality Concept

Quality Concept image

Quality Improvement Structure

Quality Improvement Structure image

Quality Smart Concept

quility smart concept image

4R Campaign

Samsung Semiconductor 4R compaignimage

Customer Qual. Support

Customer Qual. Support image

Failure Analysis Flow (Customer Claims)

This flow is for notifying customers of the procedures for receiving quality claims, analyzing them, devising countermeasures, and taking corrective actions by exactly identifying customer dissatisfaction with the memory products and thus effectively handling claims and preventing the recurrence of the same problem, thereby securing good product quality and credibility in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

Failure Analysis Flow image

PCN (Process Change Notification)

This process is for issuance and control of PCN, the notification of customers stating the changes made in the raw/supplementary materials, design, or process of a mass produced product, in such a way as to make it possible to timely apply the changes internally and to meet the customer requirements for PCN externally.

PCN flow image

Rating & Ranking

Our major customers, each according to their own evaluation standards in areas such as Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery, Cost, periodically conduct comparative ranking and rating for their Semiconductor suppliers.