All domestic and overseas semiconductor sites have acquired the ISO 9000 certification. The System LSI Business Unit acquired the QS 9000 in 1999. In addition, they are scheduled to be switched to the ISO 9001:2000 certified sites by 2002 while upgrading the quality management system.
SAMSUNG has led the industry in quality standards for the semiconductor industry since 1993 when the company first received top-level (ISO9001) certification of its plants in Korea. To date, SAMSUNG has satisfied consumer requirements through its broad range of quality management system achievements like the ISO9000, TL9000 and the QS9000. We pride ourselves in providing the industry's most complete portfolio of zero-defect semiconductor components and TFT LCD screens.

Quality Management System Certificate Milestones

  • 1993 ISO9001 for semiconductor plants in Korea
  • 1999 ISO 9002 for semiconductor plants in Austin, Texas; and Suzhou, China
  • 1999 QS9000 for System LSI plant in Korea
  • 2001 TL9000 certification of all semiconductor plants in Korea.
  • 2002 QS9000 certification for memory business, assembly and test plants in Korea.
  • 2004 ISO/TS16949 certification for Memory & System LSI division, assembly and test plants in Korea.
    → Substituted TS16949 for QS9000
  • 2005 ISO/TS16949 certification for semiconductor plants in Suzhou, China.
  • 2008 ISO/TS16949 certification for semiconductor plants in Austin, Texas.

SAMSUNG's Implementation History

SAMSUNG's Implementation History
Certification Site Registration scope Certification
Domestic Kiheung,
Design, Fabrication, Assembly &
TEST of Memory, SYS.LSI Semiconductor
FM52883 Sep.2004
Overseas SESS
Assembly and Test
of Semiconductor
48690 Sep.2005
Fabrication of Memory
TS 533721 Jan.2009