Specification Management Program

It is SAMSUNG's commitment to provide uniform quality products to our customers by stabilizing the manufacturing process based on the specifications. To this end, all employees are committed to the concept of No Spec, No Work and performing all applicable quality improvement activities on a continuous basis.
To satisfy customers quickly, Samsung is improving the flexibility of its manufacturing system. At once, Samsung doesn't want to injure its manufacturing stability. The Specification Management Program is improving procedures and related IT systems are enlarging their functions to provide flexibility and stability of manufacturing system at once.

Specification Management Program
Period Activity
SAMSUNG has established a operating system for specification. It was focused to generate required specification and to audit application status.
SAMSUNG had finished employing an Electronic Document Management System for specification operation. Also Samsung had prepared procedures and system for global operation. In this period Samsung's Specification Management Program equipped with IT system and enlarged by global operation requirements.
Interface with MES
SAMSUNG succeeded in introduction of automated manufacturing system. New manufacturing system were operated by MES (Manufacturing Execution System), and MES required new specification system which was enable to communicate with MES. Samsung developed new specification operating system which was contain parameters for MES.
Enhancement of flexibility
Market environment requires flexibility of manufacturing. To respond this requirement, Samsung is enhance it's flexibility of manufacturing system. To assure stability of flexible manufacturing system, the specification operating system is enhancing the degree of integration into MES.

Audit Program

Our company has set up and is operating the Corporate Audit Program, covering all semiconductor sites, to upgrade the level of the quality management systems by creating a desirable culture of objective diagnosis and improvement.

Samsung Semiconductor Audit Program image

Auditor Training

Our company has divided the qualifications of internal auditors into 3 categories while training and controlling auditors specialized in each category.
(Auditor Carrer Path : Basic Course for Auditor → National Certified Auditor → International Certified Auditor)

Ongoing Audit

Our company has seen improvement in all areas of semiconductor manufacturing by conducting the ongoing audits for each purpose at the corporate and each individual site levels.

Ongoing Audit
Category Audit activities
Corporate Level Internal Corporate Theme Audit
External Supplier Audit
Site level Internal Quality system
Site theme audit
External Supplier & Subcontractor audit
Customer Customer audit (SAMSUNG & samsung's subcontractor)

Corporate Theme Audit

It is the system under which the audit is conducted at the corporate level to diagnose and improve weak areas at the corporate level and to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Supplier Audit

It is the system under which the audit is conducted to ensure improvement by providing new certification, the ratings, and the incentives for suppliers.

Audit Information Control Infrastructure

Our company conducts an integrated control of all information generated from the establishment stage of the audit plan until it is closed upon its conclusion.