Quality College


The Quality College provides a practical means of achieving the Company's management objective, acts as a catalyst for change, and constructs the foundation on which all executives and employees may contribute to improving the quality mindset and practical quality control capabilities.


The Quality College analyzes the demand for training, devises training plan, engages in consulting, such as developing and evaluating the training courses and provides the curriculum. It is not an organization that simply provides the training, but also concentrates considerable effort on providing a total training solution, which combines the Company's management objective with the career development of the individual.


Quality Education & Training courses are targeting improvement of employees' quality awareness and statistical skills. Except for the Quality Awareness Course, all courses are available both e-Learning and off-line as Blended Learning to make quality training more efficient. We've been continually developing new contents and revising each course in accordance with the work-site needs.

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ASQ(American Society for Quality) Certification

Samsung Semiconductor Business offers employees multiple chances to apply for an examination of international Quality & Reliability Engineer license every year, especially encouraging them to apply for CRE(Certified Reliability Engineer) & CQE(Certified Quality Engineer) among several ASQ Certifications. In 2015, 117 engineers obtained CRE licenses and 127 obtained CQE licenses to display their ability as experts of quality improvement at Samsung.