The SMT-C7140 STB is a sleek STB designed to bring viewers the reliable in PVR technology. This STB allows multiple viewing and recording options, and is a certified HD broadcast receiver, bringing the high definition experience to your customers' screens with minimal picture loss. Its integrated HDD has a storage capacity of 500GB, representing recording space of up to 250 hours of standard definition or 120 hours of high definition television. The SMT-C7140 also has the ability to channel content from external devices via its in-built USB port.

HDD Capability

The 500GB storage capacity allows your customers to record up to 250 hours of standard definition or 120 hours of high definition content. Thanks to this STB's USB port, content from external devices, such as cameras, camcorders and external hard drives, is also managed by the STB, providing an even greater viewing potential.

Multi-Tuner Solution

Today choice and flexibility are fundamental factors when selecting a home entertainment solution. The SMT-C7140 STB delivers both with its multi-tuner which allows your users to watch one channel and simultaneously record another programme, maximising their viewing potential and pleasure. This feature is also available with our Samsung high-end STB, bringing full watch and record functionality in a high definition environment.

Outstanding Performance

An integrated and compatible HD PVR solution is essential in this digital age. We have entered into partnership with the world’s leading software developers to pioneer technology that delivers high quality performance and a premium overall viewing experience for our users.

High Quality Broadcasting Solution

The SMT Series is fully compatible with HD broadcasting to deliver sharp, dynamic images and premium picture quality.