Slimmest Height and Weight

Samsung’s advanced technology has enabled us to design a slim and compact sized product. By applying a highly efficient heat exchanger element, Samsung has been able to reduce the product's height to 270mm. Compared to units with rectangular type heat exchangers, Samsung’s ERV+ units use space more efficiently with their slim design. And plus, it's even lighter than conventional product, too.

Clean Humidifier

Maintain the best indoor humidity level with our clean humidifier kit. Samsung’s humidifier kit boasts high efficiency humidification with its large humidification area. Its self cleaning function, which sprays water from the top of the device when the set starts, also prevents bad smells.

Optional Kits for Humidifier

A natural evaporating type humidifier is applied to produce more refreshing indoor air. You can clean up and manage the indoor air by simply assembling optional kits for humidifier.


Sanitize your indoor air with Samsung’s VIRUS DOCTOR! Priory-filtered air is made even healthier through the VIRUS DOCTOR device which eliminates airborne contaminants, completely eradicates bacteria, eradicates allergies by eradicating airborne allergens and even neutralizes OH-radicals. This optional device can be easily installed by simply inserting the VIRUS DOCTOR kit into ERV+.

High Efficiency

The new diamond type heat exchanger features has optimized airflow design. This part is compact in size, but has high efficiency compared to conventional rectangular and hexagonal type heat exchangers.

High Efficiency Filter

Prevents heat exchanger element contamination or blockage caused by accumulated dust.


ERV automatically changes its operation mode depending on the temperature difference between your indoor and outdoor environment to save energy.

CO2 sensor, humidity stat

ERV automatically operates to give fresh air into room by detecting CO2 with the CO2 sensor (optional). You can also attach a humidity stat (procured locally) which will detect the humidity of the room and adjust its humidity level.