The DVM Mini combines eco-friendly technology with efficiency and economy to provide an indispensable heating and air conditioning system. Supporting up to 9 indoor units, it is an ideal product for both large residential properties and small or medium-sized commercial sites. It uses a S-Inverter Compressor to provide an outstanding energy-saving performance for both heating and cooling, minimising consumption and lowering operational costs. Its simple-to-manage control system ensures that the DVM is a reliable and low-maintenance air conditioning option.

Top-class Energy Efficiency

We are committed to developing environmentally-friendly ways for businesses to reduce energy consumption. With its outstanding energy efficiency, this unit delivers the solution. It features an innovative S-Inverter Compressor, which provides a higher cooling and heating co-efficient of performance than that of our competitors. The result is one of the most efficient air conditioning systems available.

Small Footprint and Volume

Optimising space is always a key business consideration. The DVM Mini has a small, compact design with a significantly reduced footprint, using up to 11 per cent less area. In addition, the overall volume of this unit is 5 per cent less than conventional models, making it even more of a convenient space-saving option in offices. This not only makes installation easier, but also frees up valuable room while continuing to produce superior quality heating and cooling performance.

Flexible Piping Design

Thanks to its extended piping length, the DVM Mini offers maximum flexibility when it comes to deployment. It allows for a level difference of up to 50m between indoor and outdoor units, and a pipe length up to 150m. This generous variation lets businesses customise systems to operate efficiently in a wide range of situations.

Low Noise Level

By producing less noise than conventional models, the DVM Mini imposes fewer distractions on your business's working environment. Its compact, unimposing design brings with it the benefit of sound reductions of up to 5 decibels.