The DVM PLUS IV is an innovative heating and air conditioning system that delivers world-class energy efficiency and high performance. As the world’s largest recognised unit in terms of capacity, it offers a highly flexible and cost-effective service. Its extensive piping lengths and lightweight design make it ideal for larger buildings requiring a wide range of different temperature-control solutions. It utilises best-practice technology to deliver optimised, consistent cooling and heating with an unrivalled co-efficient of performance (COP). The resulting high capacity at a low ambient temperature creates significant savings in both energy and cost. This product's high-tech capability is combined with eco-friendly features to deliver a sustainable solution that conforms to the highest environmental standards.

High Performance and the World’s Largest Capacity

This air conditioning system delivers the world’s highest unit capacity, making it ideally suited for use in larger buildings. It surpasses our competitors by 15 percent in co-efficient performance and 20 percent in the energy efficiency ratio. In the 10 HP category, it achieves similarly positive results. This impressive capacity, especially when combined with its lightweight structure and reduced footprint area, makes installation highly economical.

Easy and Flexible Installation

The ability to customise an air conditioning system based on floor-by-floor requirements makes the DVR PLUS IV a highly flexible solution. The compact design means a smaller impact on your business in terms of space required. An additional benefit is the saving on installation costs due to the need for less piping and equipment in comparison with systems using smaller capacity units. This reduction in capital and operational expenditure is a positive feature that will greatly benefit businesses of all sizes.

Improved Heating Performance

This heating and air conditioning system provides stable performance by continuing to operate even when the outdoor unit is in the process of recovering oil. This means that, unlike standard systems, there is no reduction in temperature inside while the outdoor unit is calibrating its oil supply. Instead, the DVM PLUS IV delivers a constant supply of heat, offering a more consistent and comfortable environment. The result is world-leading heating performance at low ambient temperatures.

Sequential Operation of Compressor

Our DVM PLUS IV extends the lifespan of the unit by utilising a system that reduces impact by alternating its compressor operation. The result is a significantly longer air conditioning solution compared with similar products, meaning reduced ongoing investment costs for your business. The cost benefits are further increased by lowered maintenance expenses arising from the improved performance reliability.

Longest Piping Length and Highest Elevation

The exceptional length of piping incorporated in the DVM PLUS IV makes it an excellent system for high-rise buildings. The extended 220m piping length allows for coverage over extremely large areas while still ensuring the high level of performance normally associated with more compact spaces. Further flexibility can be obtained by selecting a combination of indoor units to best suit the floor plan of a given environment.

Optimized Refrigerant Distribution Control

Extreme levels of refrigerant can cause damage and poor performance to an air conditioning unit. The DVM PLUS IV uses auto-performance correction control technology to monitor and adjust the levels between outdoor and indoor, ensuring stability throughout its operations. The result is optimised refrigerant distribution that guarantees efficient and consistent performance.

Refrigerant Pump-down and Pump-out

The DVM PLUS IV makes replacing refrigerant easy and convenient thanks to the pump-down/pump-out combination. The refrigerant can be kept in outdoor containers when moving around those inside or performing pipe maintenance. The result is a reduction in time and cost spent on system upkeep.

Europe Eco-friendly RoHS Technology Certification

This innovative unit has been developed to minimise environmental impact and aid electronic recycling. Our eco-friendly technology has led to us attaining a Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certification, which bans the use of toxic substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium.