Neo Forte's clean panel design with a unique silver accent adds a touch of class to your space. It also provides the efficient and stable cooling performance and maintains the optimum temperature, even while you sleep.

Smart Technology

The solution for residential buildings requiring a flexible, efficient and reliable air conditoning system.

An Enhanced Sleeping Environment

One of the priorities of hotel operators and developers is to ensure that their occupants can sleep without interruption. Our Good'sleep feature will create the ideal bedroom climate, controlling and adjusting temperature to support the three vital stages of sleep. The unit eases users into the primary "falling asleep" stage by lowering the room temperature. It then raises it for optimum relaxation during the "sound sleep" phase, before shifting to allow a natural, comfortable "wake-up" period with intermittent bursts of air. This feature saves you up to 36 percent more in energy consumption than standard cooling modes whilst ensuring top quality sleep.

Deodorising Filter

Our environmentally-friendly deodorising filter system keeps air fresh in a broad variety of situations and climates. By choosing this unique system, users can be confident that all traces of unpleasant odours are eliminated, leaving them with clean, fresh air. This not only creates a more pleasant environment, but also a healthier one, and is bound to boost customer satisfaction.