The Slim 1Way Cassette's elegantly rounded design blends in seamlessly with the ceiling, giving unity to your building's interior decor. At the same time, its high-performing cooling system delivers an optimised air conditioner, making it aesthetic, functional and efficient. Our innovative new blade keeps noise levels to a minimum despite working harder, creating a peaceful, cool environment within any interior space. It also enjoys other features which are specified to make it simple to install, meaning easy deployment on a large scale.

Slim and Compact Design

At a height of only 135mm, the Slim 1Way Cassette is the world's thinnest indoor air cooling unit. The compact, lightweight design makes installation and maintenance in your space easier than ever. These high-performing units are so subtle that they can easily blend into interiors of all types and styles.

Lighter Indoor Unit

We are the first to utilise innovative ABS cabinets with our indoor units, making them the lightest on the market. The slim, lightweight design means the devices can be installed with ease. This makes them especially convenient in situations where they need to be deployed quickly on a large scale.

Quiet Operation

A quiet workplace is not only more comfortable for employees but it also aids productivity. The innovative blade design of our DVM Slim unit reduces noise levels by 30 per cent, so that users can work or relax in a peaceful, stress-free environment. Whether operating on the high- or low-speed setting, this air conditioning unit offers a virtually silent performance, making it quiet as well as discreet.