Samsung introduces 'Smart Media Networks', the Powerful Mobile Content Delivery Solution at Mobile World Congress 2014

on Feb 21, 2014

The solution is an efficient and innovative way to meet high demand of multimedia data traffic from smart devices

BARCELONA, Spain – February 21, 2014 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading provider of mobile broadband network solutions, will introduce its 'Smart Media Networks’ at Mobile World Congress 2014. Smart Media Networks is Samsung’s distinguished solution that is designed for mobile content delivery in the smart device era

Smart Media Networks includes Samsung’s Smart Cache™ technology, which provides a better user experience by increasing the download speeds realized by the end-user and drastically reduces data traffic along the backhaul network. By locating a cache server at mobile base stations, the closest network edge from mobile subscribers, end-users can enjoy faster access to popular multimedia content. Mobile operators are pleased with Samsung’s Smart Cache™ as it ensures a high quality user experience even during cell handovers in dense urban areas.

Samsung will also bring advanced contents delivery technologies to the mobile network. By co-working with Akamai Technologies, a global leader in CDN solutions, Samsung will demonstrate Web Acceleration, which optimizes complex web page contents, and mobile traffic prioritization, which prioritizes the data traffics to the end-users. Combining both technologies, Samsung’s demonstration will showcase how end-users’ devices are able to load web pages instantly, even in a heavily congested radio environment.

In addition to the caching technologies in mobile network nodes, Samsung will introduce a mobile network analytics tool for mobile operators. The tool is designed to find the root cause of video quality degradation by analyzing the network conditions along with the video content that end-users are receiving to provide active feedback to the operator. Samsung’s demonstration will show how the tool automatically tracks down the element in the network that causes the underperformance of the video delivery and fixes the problem.

"Samsung expects 'Smart Media Networks' to provide a better mobile experience for end-users,” said Sam Baker, Vice President and Head of the Marketing Group at Networks Business, Samsung Electronics. “The solution will also be the most efficient and intelligent way for mobile operators to address fast growing multimedia content on their network. Samsung will continue to invest in addressable solutions that are suitable for content delivery on the mobile network."

As mobile data traffic continues to grow, recent studies show more than half of the traffic is generated from video content. With this, global operators are seeking ways to build effective networks for content delivery and Samsung is ready to fulfill these needs with its Smart Media Networks solution.

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