Samsung R&D Institute Poland opens a new office in Cracow, Poland

on Oct 31, 2013

To enhance its R&D innovation capabilities and deliver the highest quality of mobile network technologies in the European market

Cracow, Poland - October 30th, 2013 - Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in technology, today announced the opening of its fourth office in Poland, three others being located in Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz. The new office is located in Cracow, one of the biggest technology hubs in Poland with well-trained and capable telecom engineers. It will be focused on supporting its European networks business in terms of technology development.

The decision to build another R&D office in Poland proves the growing potential of the development of telecommunication technology in Central Europe. Believing in Poland’s big intellectual potential, Samsung chose Cracow as the city attracts resources with deep expertise and wide experience.

The office in Cracow will focus on development of software for mobile network infrastructures for major mobile operators all over Europe. With the new office, Samsung expects to enhance its capability to support European mobile operators with development of the highest quality of mobile network infrastructure solutions and accelerate the globalization of its Networks Business. It plans to increase the employment in that technical domain by the end of next year, and will continue to grow the organization in the future.

"This investment indicates that the significance of the city on the economic area is increasing, and Cracow is becoming more attractive not only as a market, but mostly as a place with great intellectual capital which attracts creative business." said the President of Cracow, in a speech given during the ceremony. "I am confident that this is a very good step on the side of the company, for Cracow is an investment in prestige."

"We are delighted to have the new R&D office supporting the development of Networks Business in Cracow, the city with the high level technical education and expertise." said Youngky Kim, EVP and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. "We expect the Cracow office to contribute greatly to the development of advanced network technologies required by European mobile operators."

"We have been present in Poland for 13 years, continuously growing and now employing more than 1,000 highly skilled engineers. The fact that Samsung decides to invest in such serious measures in Poland is mainly due to the very high level of technical education and an atmosphere conducive to investment", said Dae-Hyun Sim, VP and Head of Samsung R&D Institute Poland.

In 2000, Samsung R&D Institute Poland opened its first office in Warsaw, currently one of the biggest and fastest growing modern-technology R&D centers in East-Central Europe. The second R&D office was opened in Poznan in 2011, followed by the third one in Lodz two years later. Along with the sales division subsidiary in Warsaw, and the home-appliance factory in Wronki, Samsung Electronics Poland is a reliable and stable investor in Poland. It was awarded by Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency last year for its long-term and versatile business presence in Poland.

The increasing of investments in R&D activities is a part of the global strategies of the company. Samsung Electronics invested around $10 billion on research and development activities in 2012.

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