The Samsung GSM Access solution is fully integrated across Samsung platforms and devices to ensure smooth operation when traversing multiple digital cellular networks. With this solution, mobile devices are guaranteed to stay better connected than ever before, increasing the ability of subscribers to communicate with ease wherever they are. Its combined Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and Base Station Controller (BSC) features are specifically designed to deliver efficiency and consistently high performance.

Advanced Features

The Samsung GSM solution transforms subscribers' devices into efficient, reliable telecommunication tools. It harnesses in-house modems that serve to optimise implementation across networks and fine-tune advanced features. Consequently operators can benefit from multiple features and enjoy minimal network interruptions during migration.

Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

The Samsung GSM-compatible BTS is distinguished by its exceptionally high capacity and its small network footprint. It is specifically designed to provide users with enhanced compatibility and smooth upward network migration. By incorporating compact and lightweight remote radio heads that are easy to install, the BTS enjoys high output power to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

Base Station Controller (BSC)

With its high-performing BSC, this solution transforms users' devices with efficient access to GSM and radio networks, providing smooth and reliable connectivity. Its advanced design efficiently utilises available radio spectrum while optimising the cell coverage. To ensure a smooth migration path, Samsung's solution can utilise both high-speed TDM or an IP backbone.