Samsung eNodeB is a key component in Smart LTE Networks™ and has proven successful in the world’s most data-intensive markets. Samsung provides network operators with a compact and high-capacity solution, which can be easily deployed across existing networks in order to offer 4G mobile services. The unrivalled performance of this advanced technology provides a significantly enhanced end-user experience. This technology is the next logical step to enable operators to improve outdoor and indoor Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage efficiently and economically.

Flexibility with Increased Performance

The world’s foremost operators have selected Smart LTE Networks™ with Samsung eNodeB as a next-generation solution for their highly data-intensive market. Our advanced modem chipset is optimised to provide an unrivalled mobile data transfer service. Available for major global LTE frequencies, Samsung eNodeB's offers a high-performance LTE RAN to telecom operators worldwide. This next-generation hardware requires no separate controller element, simplifying the architecture and lowering response times.

High Capacity

The Samsung eNodeB is next-generation hardware that will provide your network with a high-capacity Digital Unit (DU) to support up to 18 local or remote radio heads. This will serve to enhance LTE coverage, and quickly add capacity in areas with heavy data usage. With gigabit throughput in a single DU, Samsung's eNodeB moves data quickly and reliably.

Compact and Lightweight

Our innovative design provides high-capacity performance in a compact and lightweight unit. The consolidated solution enables rapid and easy installation. This will also benefit network operators by saving space and enabling a more efficient use of premises.

Single Platform

The Samsung single platform solution enables 2G, 3G and 4G technologies in one unit. It supports both optic and Ethernet backhaul, offering easy deployment options. The unit is flexible enough to use in any standard 19-inch rack, ensuring rapid and easy installation.

Smart LTE Networks™

Samsung eNodeBs are a key component of Smart LTE Networks™. Available in multiple configurations – distributed, centralised and hybrid base stations – and for both FDD and TDD networks. Innovative eNodeB technology will provide operators with high capacity and cell-edge throughput. Reduced interference ensures a significantly smoother handover between cells.