Building on our global expertise in the field of small cell technology, we have developed the Samsung LTE small cell. Our Long Term Evolution (LTE) small cell solution won the world's first small cell LTE contract, and is designed to provide operators' networks with enhanced indoor and outdoor LTE coverage. It represents an efficient way to add capacity in areas that experience dense network traffic, increasing connectivity at a fraction of the cost of adding an entire base station. Commercially ready, and deploying worldwide, Samsung LTE small cells are ready to bring a cost-effective way to deliver high-data throughputs to mobile subscribers.

High capacity and coverage

This solution is specifically designed to reduce interference at cell edge, which is a major problem in heterogeneous network (HetNet) configurations. The Samsung LTE small cell solution includes versatile, lightweight Pico Cells that improve coverage in high traffic areas, be they indoor or in outdoor locations such as stadiums, airports and offices.

Flexibility and High Performance

Our small cell solution has an automated system operation. Features include self-optimising, self-configuring and self-healing, ensuring maximum flexibility and performance. The cells use existing spectrum resources for increased capacity, making them an ideal, reliable solution for plugging radio holes in network coverage. This allows lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to deliver constant high performance to subscribers.


The selective bandwidth capability of our indoor small cell technology enables the use of various spectrum bands within the same small cell. This brings with it an enhanced level of flexibility and efficiency as it cuts out the need for continuous network reconfiguration. As a result, this solution ensures cost-effective indoor network coverage.

Reduced Time to Market

Small cells are much smaller and lighter than a typical macro base station, providing quick installation and easy deployment. The capacity for remote optimisation of small cells makes this technology efficient enough to minimise time to market (TTM), meaning operators can reach out to more customers with better network quality in shorter time.


Our pioneering small cell technology has an extremely high baseband capacity, deploying miniature but powerful base stations to optimise coverage in dense hotspot areas. The carrier aggregation component offers faster download and upload speeds, so that subscribers will enjoy all the benefits of increased system capacity whilst remaining confident of the reliability and security of their network access.

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