The Samsung Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution is the world’s first and most optimised VoLTE, enabling simultaneous voice and data traffic on LTE in a unified format. It provides operators with an end-to-end IP connection between their mobile equipment and their core network. VoLTE uses an all-IP packet-based service for voice and data that also now incorporates other multimedia services. Our VoLTE solution utilises a wideband codec to provide increased call quality compared to 3G. Samsung is at the cutting edge of the LTE market, with twenty years of experience in mobile telecommunications, ensuring that our products and solutions are continually serving the ever-changing requirements of subscribers worldwide.

Samsung End-to-end Capabilities Allow Us To Bring Innovation Faster To The Market

Our dedication to innovation has resulted in the world’s first launch of VoLTE over a Samsung network using Samsung devices. The synergies of these end-to-end capabilities have enabled us to develop and optimise innovative solutions, bringing them to market in record time. These optimised solutions in both core and radio access networks ensure enhanced quality VoLTE and HD Voice services, resulting in increased efficiency for mobile subscribers.

Proven Performance

The world’s first VoLTE network was launched in South Korea in August 2012 over a Samsung Smart Network. Our extensive experience in the carrier-grade Voice over multiple telecom standards has made Samsung a natural choice for IMS since 2010. VoLTE is proven to enhance spectral efficiency by 95 per cent through increasing the amount of simultaneous calls per MHz of spectrum.

HD Voice

High Definition Voice uses wideband technology to ensure increased clarity for a better user experience. This solution utilises a wideband codec which serves to double both the sampling rate and the width of the sound spectrum, substantially increasing sound quality whilst reducing bandwidth requirements. HD Voice provides users with a whole new dimension to both voice and video communications, for a fully immersive carrier-grade experience.

Smooth Handover

VoLTE uses an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to provide operators with greater control over their services compared to 3G legacy networks. Samsung's IMS ensures smoother handover success rates, allowing subscribers free movement from one cell to the next without experiencing call drop. The high-performance Samsung VoLTE solution will significantly improve user experience by providing enhanced clarity with an increase in both network capacity and efficiency.

Bandwidth Optimisation

VoLTE’s increased spectral efficiency is just one of the benefits that has a positive impact on the user experience. Samsung uses OFDMA technology and other advanced radio features, guaranteeing improved coverage expansion compared with other solutions. This allows for hundreds of simultaneous active VoLTE users without the need for additional capacity. The increase in efficiency allows for a substantial and truly differentiated user experience.

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