The Samsung Remote Radio Head (RRH) is a multi-technology solution that is optimised for efficient wireless network operations. It is compact and lightweight, making it extremely easy to install. Our RRHs offers a full software defined radio (SDR), along with a range of additional features that enhance connectivity whilst reducing interference, resulting in an economical and reliable network.

High Performance

Samsung RRHs offer flexibility and high performance thanks to its extensive features, including multi-mode, multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO), multi-carrier and wide instantaneous bandwidth (IBW). For such a high-performing base station, the Samsung RRH is compact, lightweight and easy to install.


Samsung's dual-mode with full SDR capability delivers a cost-effective solution and allows for smooth technology migrations. Our RRH's are available in multiple configurations including GSM/LTE, CDMA/LTE, WCDMA/LTE, etc.

Compact and Lightweight

At Samsung, we have experience of deploying several hundreds of RRHs daily across South Korea. In order to meet the rigorous demands of such intensive activity, we have designed a compact and lightweight solution that guarantees easy installation and rapid deployment. This reduces any potentially costly interruptions to operator network deployments.

High Power Output

Samsung RRHs offer extended coverage by using high-power transmission and high-order MIMO. This drastically reduces network CAPEX and OPEX while improving subscriber experience. As the coverage area is increased, deployment costs are kept significantly lower by minimising total units.

Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth

Samsung's RRH technology allows for high capacity deployments of multiple standards within one RRH. There are minimal spurious radio emissions, resulting in a reduction in interference and better compliance with regulations, boosting the Samsung RRH's performance yet further.