In addition to being provided with innovative Samsung network equipment, operators benefit from a full range of services to help roll out their deployment in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Fast Time to Market and Smooth Operation

Samsung service experts ensure network rollouts run smoothly and efficiently. Operators can benefit from the expertise of Samsung support teams working worldwide to provide up-to-date, professional advice throughout the entire rollout lifecycle. These product-related services are specifically designed to offer fast time to market, and have been deployed and tested in the world's most data-intensive markets.

Network Design

Because every network market and region presents unique requirements and challenges, our portfolio of tools and systems can be customised to optimise performance and reliability. Whatever the network demands, operators will tailor our services so that their customers are provided with the best possible coverage and user experience.

Network Rollout

At Samsung, we understand the significance of providing operators with telecommunications systems with fast time to market, resulting in the speediest possible deployment of next-generation network technology to global subscribers. As a result, our tools and systems are optimised to be unrivalled for convenience and performance. They can be introduced quickly and easily, including in particularly demanding and challenging environments.

Network Optimisation

Our Optimisation services help operators get the most out of their network investments while delivering a better experience to end users. Smart optimisation has a direct impact on profitability, creating lower expenditure through best utilisation of network resources and maximised revenue through satisfied customers.

Support and Maintenance

With offices all over the world, we are able to service the requirements of network operators anywhere with our innovative telecommunications tools and systems. We have extensive experience deploying our technology all over the globe, and our teams worldwide are capable of providing comprehensive support and maintenance services.


To ensure that operators get the very best out of our portfolio of tools and systems, we offer full training and support throughout the service lifecycle. Professional support teams worldwide are ready at every stage to provide all the necessary information for maximum network performance.