Samsung offers a complete portfolio of Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) and HSPA/HSPA+ radio access solutions. These solution boost network operational efficiency, making them ideal for the mobile data transfer requirements of todays subscribers. As a global tier 1 telecom supplier, operators rely on us to provide high-performing products and solutions. We work constantly with operators to increase the throughput and reliability of their connections.

Improving Data Transfer

Samsung's flexible and high-capacity Node Bs and radio network controllers (RNCs) serve to enhance network connectivity and increase network reliability. Our solutions perform in the most data-intensive networks and are designed to provide a clear evolution path to LTE by using a common platform structure.

Node B

The compact and lightweight Node B is a small footprint digital unit (DU) that allows high-capacity configurations with little or no hardware impact. The product has demonstrated proven reliability and performance in allowing operators to benefit from better network throughput, enhanced handover success rates and an overall improvement in operational efficiency. Wide instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) further increases operational efficiencies.

Radio Network Controller (RNC)

Samsung RNC offers high-performance control and management of the radio access network (RAN). Its advanced design gives operators clear navigation of the available radio spectrum, as well as optimisation of cellular coverage and capacity, with a variety of other service quality features. It utilises a high-speed ATM or IP backbone providing with a smooth migration path from ATM to IP.