We offer a comprehensive Access Service Network Gateway (ASN-GW) portfolio which enables operators to select a solution that best works with their deployment plans. Our ASN-GW support system infrastructure is based on a high-performance platform that handles high-capacity data with ease. It delivers major levels of network intelligence in a secure environment whilst providing the IP transmission function optimised for data transfer.

Secure And Economical
Network Access

As a main controller of Mobile WiMAX Access network technology, Samsung ASN Gateway (ASN-GW) manages mobile station authentication and session key management. It imposes enhanced security measures against rogue mobile stations and malicious nodes by applying the Access Control List (ACL), rate-limiting control-plane messages, and preventing spoofed packets. In addition, it helps operators leverage their Mobile WiMAX network to generate additional revenue by performing quality of service (QoS) enforcement, charging, location management and mobility of mobile station. Samsung ASN-GW also supports location-based services (LBS) and emergency services, as well as Policy and Charging Control (PCRF) interworking, to help the operator sustain and expand its subscriber base continually.