Acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on applying WiMAX technology, Samsung has a rich understanding and depth of OFDMA experience. WiMAX combines high-speed internet access, comprehensive geographical coverage and multi-functionality to bring subscribers enhanced network connectivity. Since developing the first ever Mobile WiMAX commercial system in 2006, we have been constantly amending and refining it to suit the ever-changing needs of operators. This has enabled us to acquire an in-depth understanding of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing access (OFDMA) technology, placing us at the cutting edge of wireless communication, namely 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE).

End-to-End Solution

One of the reasons many leading operators choose us as their Mobile WiMAX provider is that we offer an end-to-end solution from chipsets to devices and from radio access network (RAN) to core network products. Our proven ability to successfully deliver seamless wireless broadband services across the globe is another key factor. Thanks to our long history as a leader in the sector, we constantly deliver network technology that allows subscribers to migrate easily to new systems such as Time Division-Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE).

Longstanding Industry Leader

We have been at the forefront of the development of OFDMA-based portable internet technology for over a decade, working alongside the Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA) to jointly bring about the future of Internet technologies. We have pioneered faster and more flexible data transfer, and were one of the first telecommunication equipment providers to demonstrate HD 3D video streaming over WiMAX 802.16m. Samsung was also the world's first touch-and-feel experience in 4G technology, the first to achieve 100Mbps data transmission on the move at 60km/h, and the first to achieve and demonstrate up to 1 Gbps data transfer in a forum venue.

Industry Expertise

Our advanced experience in CDMA and WCDMA was key to launching the world’s first Mobile WiMAX commercial service in 2006. Following its success we worked towards commercialising Mobile WiMAX globally, and now have contracts with 33 operators in 27 countries deploying the technology over 100,000 OFDMA cell sites worldwide. Mobile WiMAX utilises a simple network configuration which makes it a highly compatible and sought-after solution.