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Photo Beam

Tap and share memories

When a friend wants a copy of that really great shot you took of her, now you can share it right away. Samsung Photo Beam lets you send photos to anybody with just the touch of your camera. Simply tap your SMART CAMERA on any NFC-compatible smartphone to automatically share whichever image you’re currently viewing. It’s that simple.

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Save photos to your camera and smartphone as you shoot

Save every photo you take with your smartphone. After you set it up, Samsung AutoShare will automatically send every snap instantly to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi that is powered by NFC technology. Using your smartphone, AutoShare also GPS-tags your photos. Sharing your treasured memories couldn’t be any faster—or easier.

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Remote Viewfinder

Remotely control your camera from a smartphone

Control your camera by using your smartphone as the viewfinder. The NFC-enabled Remote Viewfinder lets you preview photos, adjust camera settings, zoom in and out, and frame each scene—all from your phone wirelessly. Available for select smartphones, this feature also GPS-tags your photos using your smartphone.

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Group Share

Share on the go with friends

From family brunches to nights out with friends, you can take the shots that all your friends and family members want copies of with your Samsung SMART CAMERA. Use Group Share to send images to up to four people simultaneously. Since Group Share eliminates the frustration of having to repeat the sharing process over and over again, you have more time for taking share-worthy snaps.

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Facebook / YouTube /
Flickr / DropBox / Email

It’s easier than ever to be social

Show off a fabulous selfie with the rest of the world in no time flat. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can post images and videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, and now Flickr. Tag and add comments, too. You can also upload photos right to your blog, or email them to your family. Feel free to keep shooting, because your SMART CAMERA also comes with 50GB of free Dropbox web storage.

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PC Auto Backup

Shoot once, save forever

Wirelessly transfer photos and movies to your PC or Mac. Simply select PC Auto Backup and you're all set. All your photos and videos are wirelessly transferred and safely stored on your computer. Feel free to delete photos from your camera knowing there's a duplicate set on your computer.

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Baby Monitor

Watch over your baby at all times

As a parent, you worry about your precious baby—even when she’s safely asleep. The Samsung SMART CAMERA lets you keep an eye on your infant while you watch TV or do household chores in another room. Select Baby Monitor and whenever your camera detects a sound from your baby, it will immediately take and send an image of your child to your smartphone or Smart TV. So you can always rest assured when your baby is resting.