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  • Healthcare

    Discover how Samsung can help you provide connected
    patient-centered care with greater accuracy and efficiency.

    • Living Room: Home health monitoring and management solutions for outpatients and health-conscious individuals
    • Hospital: Data management and digital device solutions for healthcare professionals
  • Education

    Find out how Samsung can help you create a richer learning
    experience that empowers this new generation of digital natives.

    • Higher Education: Course and material development solutions including document creation/sharing/scanning/printing
    • K-12 Education: GALAXY Tab, BrainPOP app, interactive cloud and networking solutions for the interactive classroom
  • Retail

    See how Samsung can help you engage customers
    by providing a seamless and personalized in-store experience.

    • Fashion Shop: Interactive indoor/outdoor digital signage, hanger, information, UHD display & Mirror solutions
    • Outdoor/QSR: SDS MSS, mPOS, wearable workflow assistance and barcoding solutions
  • Finance

    See how Samsung can help you enhance your financial
    services to meet the growing demands of digitally savvy customers.

    • Corporate: Optimizing efficiency, productivity and security in the modern office, meeting & management rooms
    • Finance: Digital information display solutions tailored to the needs of banks and stock markets
  • Hospitality

    Learn how Samsung can modernize your hotel to
    provide a seamless and personalized experience for every guest.

    • Lobby: Digital signage solutions for the hub of your hospitality business
    • In-Room: Digital entertainment, information and connectivity display solutions for the modern guestroom
  • Transportation

    Find out how Samsung can help you streamline
    operations and enhance the passenger experience.

    • Logistics: Fleet management and device solutions for transportation companies
    • In-terminal & In-transit: A wide range of digital solutions for modern passenger transport hubs, airlines & railways

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